Collective West assumes that its perfidious behavior is a happy thing — Hollande joins Merkel in flying turditude's banner

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01 January 2022



Good faith, what's that?


Evidently, alleged Western civilization has expunged the civilization-binding concept of good faith:



France’s former president, Francois Hollande, who participated in attempts to settle the conflict in Donbass and in shaping the Minsk agreements in 2015 has confirmed the then German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement [see here] to the effect the agreements were needed for the sole purpose of letting Kiev gain time and build up military muscle for another conflict.


"Yes, Angela Merkel is right on this point," he told the Kiev Independent media outlet, while commenting on Merkel’s remark that the Minsk agreements allowed Kiev to gain time, but by no means prevented further hostilities in the Donbass.


"Since 2014, Ukraine has strengthened its military posture. Indeed, the Ukrainian army was completely different from that of 2014. It was better trained and equipped. It is the merit of the Minsk agreements to have given the Ukrainian army this opportunity."


© 2022 TASS, Hollande confirms Merkel’s remark Minsk agreements let Kiev build up military muscle, (30 December 2022)



In the West, after both confessions . . .


. . . not a ripple of revulsion arose.


We can (thus) deduce that the idea that civilization requires good will and integrity — simply to function in a humanely tolerable manner — has vanished under Rampant Avarice's onslaught.


There, killed by the United States and NATO's intentional, unalloyed advancement of deadly sins.


So much for Christianity — and all the other supposedly 'enlightened' bullshit — that the collective West today pretends to stand for.



The moral? — Would a sensible person negotiate anything substantive . . .


. . . with the collective West's continent-spanning herds of violently inclined scumbags?


Or would you, instead, build your own (separate) civilization — and squash the West's (morally loathsome) vermin, whenever necessary for your own survival?


Let us, in the United States, step outside our conceited parochial complacence and evaluate how our neocon-neoliberal leaders' behavior looks to statistically 'normal' people in other places.