Coincidentally timed despair — from Donald Jeffries, Paul Craig Roberts and me — regarding the lobotomized sheep, who visibly burst the seams of American society

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24 December 2023



A timely coincidence?


Regarding the United States being (in my words) — a dumbasses' shithole — Donald Jeffries, Paul Craig Roberts and I came to similar conclusions this month.



To kick off


Before seeing what Jeffries and Roberts had written, I responded the following way to a friend.


She had inquired whether the American public — or plotting evil-doers — were responsible for the Liberty-squashing, mass murdering condition that our culture is in:



"Have we made it . . . or . . . has it been foisted upon us?"


Yes, we made it by failing to pay attention to what our masters are doing.


Americans are, very probably, the most complacently lazy group of easily entertained, ignorant baboons on the planet.


This may be what happens to materially wealthy societies. They lose the ability to visualize and anticipate the Entropic Doom that lurks in Time's bushes.


That is, very probably, what Ben Franklin meant when he said, "A republic, if you can keep it."


It is certainly what I meant about material comfort wrecking existential insight.


Modern Americans have no regard for Liberty, or for the vigilance and sacrifices necessary to preserve it.


Looking back, even the American Revolution was the work of a proportionately small group, who were significantly brighter than anyone prominent around today.


Populations, for the most part, are sheep. Thus, the human situation is incurable in any freedom-preserving sense.


China, ironically — when compared to America's alleged standards — has become the hope of the future. Guided as it is by totalitarians with a humanistic streak.


Such a system of governance is probably the best that Homo sapiens can aspire to. We humans being permanently handicapped by a lack of awareness, foresight and forward-thinking courage.



Coincidentally — Jeffries


The following day, I read the following from Donald Jeffries — here in excerpts, my italics added:



This system isn’t just rigged. It’s irreparably broken.


Every time someone who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, gets convicted after seeing his public defender for all of five minutes, we all lose.


An unfair conviction, or an unjust acquittal based on legal irrelevancies like wealth, race, or politics, taints the system we all are supposed to respect.


No one with any critical thinking ability whatsoever, and even a cursory knowledge of modern history, can possibly have the least bit of faith in our system.


There is no reason to have even the most limited trust in any authority.


When a judge openly rules that a defendant is guilty, before the trial has begun, as happened in one of Trump’s show trials, then we have literally reached that stage.


And the vast majority of Americans couldn’t care less.


The millions of Americans who cling to some semblance of sanity, and believe in some semblance of liberty, are powerless.


They have no “representatives,” in Congress, in the courts, in the business world, or in Hollywood. Every organ of the establishment is aligned against them.


You might even call that a conspiracy.


© 2023 Donald Jeffries, A Rigged System from Top to Bottom, (20 December 2023)



Coincidentally — Roberts


Who wrote on consecutive days — here, with my italicized emphasis added:



When we sum up all the forces that are damaging our survivability — feminism which has destroyed relations between men and women, deracination which has destroyed our self-confidence, our culture, and our beliefs, the normalization of sin which has destroyed our morals and our integrity, the attack on the family which has destroyed the enculturation of children — what future do we have?


It seems that Western civilization is the first one to be destroyed by its own universities and intellectuals.


We are so focused on what the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians are allegedly going to do to us that we do not see what we have done to ourselves.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, The Cost of Insouciance Is Death, (22 December 2023)



And — again with italicized emphasis:



The American media worked hand-in-glove with the CIA in framing Julian Assange who has been held for 4 years in solitary confinement in the UK’s maximum security prison without charges, a total violation of habeas corpus, and for 7 years previously in the Ecuadoran embassy in London until Washington paid the Ecuadoran president to revoke Assange’s asylum so he could be seized.


As a former Wall Street Journal editor, I was astounded to watch the entirety of the US media repeat endlessly the CIA’s false claim that Assange was a dangerous spy and a threat to US national security simply for doing a journalist’s job and stating the truth.


This showed conclusively that the US no longer had a media.  It its place stands a Ministry of Propaganda, and still some Americans let themselves be indoctrinated and brainwashed by the lies the presstitutes tell them.


It also shows conclusively that Washington regards truth as its most dangerous enemy.


A country without a media cannot be free or have an accountable government.


Americans who think that they live in a free country are completely deluded.


They are pathetic.


© 2023 Paul Craig Roberts, Washington Regards Truth as Its Most Dangerous Enemy, (23 December 2023)



The moral? — When you are born into a herd of easily corralled . . .


. . . courage-lacking muttonheads — good luck finding your way out of that cluelessly milling morass.


One can almost forgive our avarice-driven, hubristic Masters for the selfishness and contempt they spew.


Mutton is what's for dinner.