Cluster munitions to Ukraine — the Big Picture — and the United States' psychotic lunacy

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09 July 2023



This would be hysterically funny . . .


. . . (in the dark sense) if it were not so deadly.



Two days ago


The US announced that it will be sending cluster munitions to Ukraine.


This occurring because America is out of the artillery shells that Ukraine (entirely foreseeably) needs to continue the war with Russia. Which, strategically pertinently, its homegrown Nazis and America's neocons provoked.


The advantage to the cluster explosives being — from our dimwitted American strategic perspective — that they fit into the artillery pieces that the US gave Ukraine. And we have bunches of these cluster artillery munitions lying around.


A purported win-win for the US Military Industrial Complex that President Biden happily endorses.



Sounds ingenious, doesn't it?


Provided that we overlook all the Ukrainian folks, including kids, who will get blown up years down the road. By stepping on (or inadvertently playing with) reams of unexploded mini-munitions.



Consider the Big Strategic Picture


Here's the United States admitting that it cannot produce enough ammunition to keep its proxied-to-death Ukrainian stooges fighting the war that we intentionally forced, but did not properly prepare to carry out.


Yet still — in spite of these mental, military and manufacturing deficiencies — US leadership continues trying to escalate said war with Russia and add another one with China.



The moral? — Only a psychotically lunatic country would do this


Why is no one in American LaLa Land noticing?


Do we all have a death wish?


Or are we just too belligerently stupid to live?