Capitalism's rampaging greed negatively affects our ability to think

© 2019 Peter Free


05 September 2019



Notice how media-based everything is heavily interrupted with distractions?


Online publications and broadcasts are all interspersed with attention-diverting advertisements — and/or picture-based statements about something else.



It is (we can infer) . . .


. . . not enough that our educational system is hostile to generating competent thinkers.


Our profit-obsessed culture also goes out of its way to discourage anyone from following trains of thought for more than a few words.


A paragraph or two, at best, and then pow! —



in comes some disconnected enticement to buy something




to link to an extraneous rambling or completely unrelated object.



The moral? — Unconstrained capitalism is turning us (all) into emotionally volatile morons


My cynical side thinks that government by artificial intelligence cannot arrive too soon.


Perhaps AI will teach itself to replace humanity with something actually capable of exercising extended bouts of biologically based intelligence.


Now that would be a favorable "evolution".