Belligerently pissant-mighty Britain — has run out of weapons to give Nazi Ukraine — and farsightedly now asks other nations to similarly bankrupt themselves

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05 October 2023



European-branded Nitwit Logic seems to exhibit suicidal flaws


From the Daily Mail — reporting on a Daily Telegraph story:



Britain has run out of defence equipment to donate to Ukraine, a senior military chief has claimed as they urged other countries to step up and provide more support.


The military official said Ukraine now requires 'air defence assets and artillery ammunition' in the next phase of the war - supplies which the UK has now 'run dry on'.


'We've given away all we can afford,' the source told The Daily Telegraph.


Commenting on [former defense minister] Wallace's plea for further aid [to Ukraine], the source said it should not fall on the UK to be the ones providing the 'billions' in military support required as they warned of depleted stocks.


'Giving billions more doesn't mean giving billions of British kit,' the source told the Telegraph, before stating that the UK needed to encourage 'other nations to give more money and weapons'.


The military chief said the UK was already giving away as much as we can afford.


© 2023 Christian Oliver, Britain has 'run out of defence equipment to donate to Ukraine' and 'given away all we can afford', military source warns, Daily Mail (03 October 2023)



In short


Those war-starting Ukie Nazis are an expensive burden.


Best y'all EU types carry it and not us — says the mewling British lion.



The moral? — In addition to being morally obscene, in its Nazi-hugging way . . .


. . .the Collective West repeatedly demonstrates itself to be devoid of rationally functioning intellect:



Not only is Russia directly demilitarizing Ukraine — as a matter of self-defensive Federation policy — the West's gargantuanly mindless hostility toward Russia is boomerang-demilitarizing the European Union and NATO.



Can the similarly acting United States be far behind?


This entire episode seems to have been an intelligence quotient test that the West is massively failing. In tell-all Darwinian terms.


Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of neocon, Nazi-emulating, warmongers.