As the US strategically loses — its self-initiated Proxy Slaughter Program in Ukraine — we enthusiastically compensate by escalating our long-standing anti-Palestinian bloodlust

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16 October 2023



The Military Industrial Complex always profits


Provoking and sustaining war is the neocon United States' only geopolitical goal. Whatever leads to war is good. Whatever does not is bad.


As a result of this policy, Truth is censored and shredded. Blanket lies take its place.


This so, because populational sheep — whose wallets the Establishment has to rob to forward its Murder Complex momentum — must be kept mindless and placid.



Consider, in evidence, Ukraine and Israel


The US intentionally started the ongoing war in Ukraine.


Where, as of today, we have managed to proxy roughly 500,000 Ukrainian troops to death in an unnecessary mission to weaken — an actually non-threatening — Russia, by trying to cram NATO right up against the Russian Federation's border.


Now — having visibly lost this Ukrainian endeavor, both militarily and economically — the United States' Murder for Profit Complex is pivoting away from its self-created disaster in Ukraine.


This pivot occurring by virtue of (most probably) cooperating with Israel and deliberately overlooking intelligence-gathered signs that Hamas was going to attack the self-proclaimed apartheid Jewish state.


Once Hamas launched its revenging terror attack on 07 October 2023, the following (entirely predictable) Military Industrial Complex-profiting events resulted.


In Philip Giraldi's below-excerpted words:



Since 1948 Israel has expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes, has occupied nearly all of the historic Palestine, has empowered its army to kill thousands of local people, and has more recently established an apartheid regime that even denies that Palestinian Arabs are human in the same sense that Jews are.


But when the Arabs strike back against the hatred that confronts them with their limited resources it is Israel that is described as the victim and the Palestinians who are dehumanized and portrayed as the “terrorists.”


Israel has responded to the attack with a heavy bombardment of Gaza that has destroyed infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, while also cutting off food supplies, water and electricity.


President Joe Biden, citing fabricated stories about dead Jewish babies, speaks of how Israel has a “duty” to defend itself, while the Palestinians somehow have no right to protect themselves at all, much less to rise up against their persecutors in a struggle for freedom.


And Washington has also unhesitatingly chosen to directly involve itself in the conflict, completely on the side of the Jewish state, asserting repeatedly that “Israel has a right to defend itself” and telling the Israelis that “we have your back” while also dispatching two aircraft carrier groups to the scene of the fighting as well as the 101st Airborne to Jordan and increasing the readiness of Marines stationed in Kuwait.


If all of this sounds a lot like Ukraine it should, except that in Ukraine the US and NATO are fighting against Russia, which is being demonized for occupying what is claimed Ukrainian territory, whereas in Palestine they are supporting the occupier of actual Palestinian territory, Israel.


Funny thing that, and the word “hypocrisy” comes immediately to mind.


And bear in mind that the actual incident that triggered the uprising was a rampage involving at least 800 Israeli settlers in and around the al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam, beating pilgrims and destroying Palestinian shops, all without any interference from the nearby Israeli security forces. The rioting was clearly allowed and even encouraged by the government.


© 2023 Philip Giraldi, Gaza Strikes Back, Unz Review (15 October 2023)



The entirety of Giraldi's detailed essay is worth a read


Especially by those, who are still able to reason on the basis of historical facts and geopolitical necessity — when those are evaluated in light of basic morality.


As Caitlin Johnstone observes, the pertinent geopolitical sequence goes like this:



Step 1: Abuse and kill Muslims


Step 2: Wait for Muslims to respond to those abuses with violence


Step 3: Cite that violence as justification for more killing and abuse to fight “radical Islamic terrorism”.


[She concludes that:]


The only reason people think Muslims are violent is because they are often born on top of oil.


© 2023 Caitlin Johnstone, Bombing Kids and Blaming It on Hamas, (16 October 2023)



The moral? — Does the word 'demonic' apply?


Provoking and sustaining deadly combats — for whatever concocted, irrational and facts-defying reasons — is the neocon-led United States' essentially only policy, worldwide.


If Americans were morally and intellectually capable of waking up, they might object.


Propaganda is the soul's enemy.


We in the West are, generally, oblivious to this. The rest of the world's population, meaning roughly 80 percent of it, is less so.


For a worst-case (global war) view of where this Israel versus Hamas conflict conceivably could lead — given existing geopolitical alignments — see:



George Galloway, A Palestinian Child Is Dying Every Five Minutes, YouTube (15 October 2023)