Art of making a bad name for oneself — BLM "protesters" burning out innocents

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26 August 2020



Today, I'm gonna be a lawyer


What follows is a closing argument against my own penchant for racial and cultural inclusivity.


Like many litigators do in preparing for court, I have imagined a good argument against my own preferred position.


I think the Devil's Advocacy that follows represents how many Americans feel about Black Lives Matter, but are politic enough not to admit it in public.


Those who argue against my imagined Devil's Position should be able to present evidence-based reasons why their counterargument should persuade.


Can you?



Let's begin


What follows is an imagined closing argument against BLM.



Why so many reasonable people are already sick of BLM?


Scott Carpenter's burned down Kenosha Wisconsin furniture store:



Daily Caller, Man's Message For Rioters Who Burned Down His Business, YouTube (25 August 2020)



Yup, some criminal and resisting fool gets shot in Kenosha


And a bunch'a "black" folk automatically jump to the conclusion the "white" cops did a bad thing.


So naturally, this violent subgroup of "black" folk immediately goes downtown and arsons innocent people's businesses.


They call it a "protest". Evidently being too lazy and too cowardly to properly target the cops and the police department that did the alleged wrong.


Why invest energy in accurately taking an "eye for an eye" — when one can randomly bash a bunch of difficult-to-replace stuff and loot at the same time?



This destructive group symbolically joins . . .


. . . the long parade of lowlife, criminal scumbags — who are regularly being treated as Martyrs for Angelitude by the BLM crowd and their hangers-on.


See, for instance, the murals displaying petty criminal and drug-using George Floyd's angel wings.


Talk about a morally questionable selection of cultural saints.



In this specific regard


YouTube's "black" (ex-) Officer Tatum is insightful:



The Officer Tatum, Jacob Blake Police Shooting was justified!, YouTube (24 August 2020)



Watch the whole video to absorb the commonsense gist of what he is saying.



I am not advocating that scumbags should be automatically exterminated


Police murders have got to be stopped.


But I am saying that the rest of us are beginning to see that the BLM subpopulation is martyrizing a group of people, who accurately epitomize the destructive nature of the morally vacuous underclass that they behaviorally inhabit.


Do you really want your children emulating those guys?


If that list of miserably unaccomplished, perennially criminal and anti-societal lives are your saints, why should anyone care about your supposed cause?


A race to the Bottom of Lethargic Depravity is not what most people want for themselves and their children.



The moral? — After a while, most sensible people clue into the fact that there ain't much "there"


In truth, there is a proportionately large group among the "black" underclass that refuses to take responsibility for its own lives.


Its typically displayed antisocial behavior looks like this:



Video Leak Police, Aurora Police Chief Released Dash Cam After a 4 Sec Viral Video Posted on Social media, YouTube (10 August 2020)



There represented is the cultural trait that Officer Tatum addressed in his video.



Is the depicted woman's boneheaded attitude something that looks like a ticket to societal success — anywhere?


Would you want this nasty, prickly bitch for a neighbor — or as a "humanity" example for your kids?



This disproportionately numerous "black" underclass stands in marked contrast to those belonging to other cultural groups.  Those subgroups manage to advance themselves out of roughly equivalent poverty and disempowerment — with their significant human dignity left intact.


We all know this.


"White" liberal political correctness, however, demands that we disregard what we see. Apparently exclusively because of "Slavery".


As if "black" slavery itself explains why other previously enslaved groups — which includes just about every heritage existing on the planet today — managed to escape enslavement's damage with arguably less purported psychic taint.


There is also the additional matter of the larger, morally respect-worthy, "black" community — much of it wealthy beyond common-person belief — which refuses to act in even a mildly collective fashion to get its people out of the difficulties that beset them.


So tell me, why should the rest of us be harassed into giving a darn — when y'all so obviously do not?