Arrogant lunacy, it's the Western way? — a comment about Reuters' propagandizing nonsense

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16 April 2024



Preserve us from arrogant dopes


Western arrogance from Reuters:



Russia has been able to swiftly repair some of key oil refineries hit by Ukrainian drones, reducing capacity idled by the attacks to about 10% from almost 14% at the end of March, Reuters calculations showed.


Russia is repairing its refineries fast, despite difficulties in obtaining Western know-how.


© 2024 Vladimir Soldatkin, Guy Faulconbridge and David Evans, Exclusive: Russia restoring oil refining capacity knocked out by drones, Reuters (15 April 2024)



Imagine that — Russians can fix things!


If you click on Reuters' (above-provided) link to Western know-how, you get to imbibe an equally conceited slant, regarding attributed Russian ineptness:



Western companies such as UOP and Swiss engineering group ABB have supplied technology and software to all the 40 biggest refineries in Russia over the last two decades, according to more than 10 Russian industry sources.


Each refinery has a combination of Russian and foreign equipment.


ABB confirmed to Reuters it stopped taking new orders in Russia once the war broke out in February 2022, and has no plans to return to Russia once it has fulfilled its existing contractual obligations, a spokesperson said.


Russia is the world's second-largest oil exporter. It has rerouted most of its crude and products exports to Asia and Africa since Western nations imposed sanctions on Moscow.


Should Moscow face a steep decline in refinery output, it would be forced to cut fuel exports in favour of crude, according to more than 10 Russian oil traders.


Countries under Western sanctions such as Russia and Iran have long managed to find loopholes to obtain spare parts for Western-made equipment such as planes or cars.


But refining equipment is much rarer and more specialized; Western firms have tightened checks to prevent Russia from importing spare parts via third countries, one of the five sources said.


© 2024 Robert Harvey, Exclusive: US sanctions hamper Russian efforts to repair refineries, Reuters (04 April 2024)



And yet (surprise, surprise) . . .


Russia is rapidly fixing its drone-attacked oil refineries.


Somehow the West has forgotten that:



Soviets carried more than 70 percent of the bloody burden of defeating German Nazism, during World War II


put the first person into space in 1961


and later


Russia gave rocket rides to American astronauts, who were seeking to get to the International Space Station in the absence of the United States' own defunct program.



Only the West's belligerent idiots could forget all this


The Russian Federation, it turns out, is not an incompetent assemblage of wannabe patsies.


America's plundering hopes, dashed.



The moral? — For two years, psychosis-affected Western neocons . . .


. . . have watched Russia annihilate NATO-armed, funded and militarily assisted Ukraine.


Yet nevertheless, they continue to assume that Russians are technology and manufacturing compromised.


Ancient strategist Sun Tzu would laugh at our willful ignorance. And place a massive bet on the Federation.


With psychotic nutcases like ours in charge, I anticipate that the Collective West is going to be the equivalent of bottom-feeding fish food before too long.


One can belligerently ignore Reality for only so long.


And then, the cosmos' rectifying hand strikes.