Are the United States and pointless dumbassery the same thing? — consider our idiocy-based hostility to Big Oil

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10 May 2024



Magic will save us?


From Common Dreams:



Advocates of holding fossil fuel giants accountable for their significant contributions to the climate emergency welcomed Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's Thursday announcement that she intends to sue the polluting industry.


Dozens of municipalities and attorneys general for the District of Columbia and eight states—California, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Vermont—have already filed climate liability suits against Big Oil in recent years.


"Our 'Pure Michigan' identity is under threat from the effects of climate change," said Nessel, whose state was praised last year for passing clean energy legislation.


"Warmer temperatures are shrinking ski seasons in the UP and disrupting the wonderful blooms of Holland's Tulip Time Festival. Severe weather events are on the rise."


"These impacts threaten not only our way of life but also our economy and pose long-term risks to Michigan's thriving agribusiness," she continued.


"The fossil fuel industry, despite knowing about these consequences, prioritized profits over people and the environment. Pursuing this litigation will allow us to recoup our costs and hold those responsible for jeopardizing Michigan's economic future and way of life accountable."


© 2024 Jessica Corbett, Climate Movement Cheers Michigan AG's Plans to Sue Big Oil, Common Dreams (09 May 2024)



This alleged badness is Big Oil's fault?


What about all the people and industries using Big Oil's products?


Meaning, literally, everyone.



Ever consider the whys . . .


. . . of the alleged global warming situation?


What substitute for energy-dense fossil fuels exist?


Nuclear energy is the only one. And most nations have stupidly moved away from it. Even in applications in which it would easily substitute for coal, oil and gas in non-mobile uses.



Reality escapes the West's tide of ignorant Greenies


Basic education in chemistry and physics has eluded them.


And now, they are captive to questionable formulations that would require the elimination of most humans to achieve their anti-warming ethos.


Engineering, it appears, is too complicated an endeavor for climate grandstanders.



The moral? — Led by belligerent nitwits


Whose only function, it seems, is to create destructive chaos all over the planet. With no thought given to finding reasonably workable solutions to challenging problems.


Never give a lawyer (or an airhead) the lead in a science or engineering project.