Are Americans unworthy of Liberty? — seems so

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08 October 2023



Welcome to the coming gulag?


Ted Rall, censored (genuine leftist) cartoonist, summarized the American state of affairs — this way:



Whatever you think about climate change or other issues, reasonable people ought to be able to agree about how to disagree: Let everyone speak.


Open and vigorous discussion and debate is the most effective way to arrive at societal consensus based on solid information.


There’s a catch: You have to be willing to hear and listen to opinions with which you disagree expressed by people you may dislike.


We are moving away from that ideal.


According to polls, we are becoming less tolerant of opposing views; 55% of Americans tell Pew Research that the federal government should restrict false information even if their censorship restricts freedom of information, up from 39% in 2018.


(70% of Democrats share this view as opposed to 39% of Republicans.)


65% are OK with tech companies censoring speech, up from 56% in 2018.


Americans support free expression of views with which they agree.


The other side, they think, should be neither seen nor heard; 36% think banning hate speech is more important than free speech, and 35% don’t think the First Amendment should protect comedians and satirists, according to a 2021 Freedom Forum survey.


Only 63% would vote for the First Amendment if it were on the ballot.


© 2023 Ted Rall, Embrace Partisanship, Encourage Censorship, Unz Review (06 October 2023)



In short


We have become a bunch of spineless, piss-blabbing, cognitively non-existent, fleece-bearing — and easily herdable — freedom-losers.



The moral? — When the gulag comes for the American majority . . .


. . . it will be exceedingly well deserved.


Genociding these tyrannically minded people's cowardly genes may turn out to be the only way to keep humanity's infrequent glories alive.


Ergo, could gene-censoring 'medical' camps have a noble — ant-human-preventing — purpose?