An elder speaks out — perfectly spoken, Paul Craig Roberts

© 2024 Peter Free


09 July 2024



Everywhere one looks in the Collective West . . .


. . . effete peoples are placidly voting themselves out of existence.





In an article explaining how the French are doing this to themselves, 'elder' Paul Craig Roberts added a thematically pertinent observation about the United States:



Washington, allegedly a great power, but I think a fragile one, makes decisions about war with no comprehension of the likely consequences.


When I compare American leadership today in government, corporations, media, and universities with the leadership of years ago, I see mindlessness.


Mindlessness is not consistent with being a great power.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Hope Betrayed: The French Election, (09 July 2024)



Being old myself, I agree with this.



'Mindlessness' exactly captures what is going on


Belligerent stupidity, narcissism and unalloyed avarice have elevated themselves into being the virtually sole definition of US-led western civilization culture.





Regarding the Western impulse toward instigating constant war and societal self-destruction — the only slashing and burning that needs to happen is within our own systems of governance and control.


Which, given the mindlessness with which the average Collective Westerner operates, will take place — never.


Those of us who are not suicidally stupid are doomed by the hordes of brain-denying sheep that surround us.


Demonstrating that existing Darwinian societal 'fitness' trait seems (surprisingly) to boil itself down to the ability to set aside intelligent awareness in favor of being brainwashed by the very predators who are eliminating our personal well-beings.


This state of affairs represents a curious twist on the way we thought that things were 'supposed' to work.


What, for instance, will happen when the brainwashing wolves have eaten all the mutton?


Perhaps a version of the Mad Max movies' depictions. As our species slowly flickers itself out of existence. Done in by a combination of excessive belligerence, fundamental cowardice, sheer stupidity and overweening greed.


The above-listed traits are the most fundamental of the genuinely deadly sins.


Yet, notice how very-very few people pay any attention at all to detecting and ameliorating these nihilistically fatal character flaws.


Self-destroying societal blindness is similar to a fatal disease that cleverly conceals its advance through a physiologic system.



The moral? — Unaware, belligerently acting stupidity is . . .


. . . arguably, the worst of character traits.


Yet here, in the Northern Hemisphere West, we have an entire pseudo-civilization malignantly filled with it.