Aggressive Western imbecility met Putin's complacent feebleness — Was the Ukrainian carnage for nothing?

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25 September 2023



If I were a dead Russian soldier's parent, I would be pissed


Let's review.


United States started the Ukrainian War by steadily advancing NATO right up to Russia's borders.


Finally, after 8 years of neo-Nazi Ukrainians killing 14,000 Russian heritage folk in eastern Ukraine, Federation president Putin finally got off his mentally and morally lazy ass and ordered a 'special military operation' to end the killing.


So far, this 'SMO' has not done much of anything useful.


Other than kill roughly 450,000 Ukrainian troops. All of which will eventually be replenished by others of equally Nazi-dominated stock, given that untouched western Ukraine is filled with pro-Nazi sentiment.


Ergo, strike 1 against Russian strategy.


Meanwhile, Russian forces still placidly sit well east of the Dnieper River. Which means that the distance protection that Russia claimed to want against the West's potential missile attacks is not even close to having been achieved.


Comparatively douchebag-quality West-supplied missiles and armed drones — lifting off from Ukraine and possibly Russia, as well as the Baltic states — regularly fly into Russia proper.


Strike two.


Simultaneously, the invaluable geopolitical-geographic prize of Odessa taunts Russian troops from afar.


A genuinely capable Russian leader would long ago have recognized that the city's Black Sea-access capture was psychologically necessitated by the substantial scope of Russian losses this far into this war.


Yet still now, Putin's lackadaisical (arguably yellow) streak continues to invite Western maneuverings to freeze the conflict well short of Odessa's capture by the Russian Federation.


Strike 3.


The only wins that Putin has produced have been by capitalizing on the bonehead West's eagerness to shoot itself in its own economic feet.


In marked contrast, the military side of the equation has produced essentially meaningless strategic results. Ukraine continues killing people in the Russia-occupied Donbas. And the West has repeatedly proven that it can proxy an endless supply of belligerent dopes into becoming anti-Russia provocateurs.


How the Russian Federation is going to control this easily predictable flow of future trouble-makers — given its only minimal 20 percent hold on Nazi-breeding Ukraine — beats me and anyone else who possesses even half a strategic brain.



How do people (like Putin) get to be this strategically clueless?


How can they condemn hundreds of thousands of people to death for such small stakes?


Why does Putin continue to think that rational Russia can reason with the psychotic Western Devil, which never-ever keeps its word?


A better definition of existentially threatening Russian stupidity might be difficult to come by.


I conclude that the Northern Hemisphere represents an enormous failure of smarts, moral compass and soul-based grit.



On the Western side, we have Satan's blood-sucking minions.


And on the Russian, shrill warnings and no strategically valid counteractions.



If Russia wanted to make its existential point, it should have acted as if the point were indeed, an existential one.


Instead, Putin brought a fear-filled, chair-sitting chess player to conduct a supposedly civilizational war.



The moral? — History called on Russia for greatness . . .


. . . and got a tiddly-winking bureaucrat instead.


It is thematically frustrating to watch humanity destroy itself with repetitive rampages of carnage, stupidity, malevolence, avarice and blatant cowardice.


The only winners continue to be the ghouls, who run the planet's military industrial complexes.


No sapiens in Homo.