According to the characteristically propagandizing New York Times — "US officials say" — based on no evidence — that the Russians sent letter bombs to Spain

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23 January 2023



American 'intelligence' — an oxymoron


Moon of Alabama took the New York Times to task today — for good reason:



At the end of last year[,] a letter bomb campaign in Spain hit several offices:


In late November and early December 2022, a number of letter bombs were mailed to locations across Spain.


Packages were received at high-profile individuals and locations, including the Prime Minister of Spain's Moncloa residence, the Ukrainian and U.S. embassies in Madrid, Torrejon Air Base, and the arms manufacturer Instalaza.


One person has been injured in the attacks—a security officer at the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid.


Spain's High Court was reported to have opened an investigation for a possible case of terrorism.


In December 2022, Spanish authorities disclosed they believed the letters were postmarked from the city of Valladolid.


Spain has so far not concluded which person or group might have sent the letters and what the possible motives behind the campaign were.


That does not seem to matter for the some 'U.S. officials' which try to pin the case to Russia. The story is a continuation of their fraudulent 'Russiagate' fairytales.


The stenographers at the New York Times thus headline:


Russian Agents Suspected of Directing Far-Right Group to Mail Bombs in Spain


U.S. officials say the operation may be a signal by Russia that the country and its proxies could carry out more terrorist actions in Europe if nations continue supporting Ukraine.


© 2023 Moon of Alabama, U.S. Officials Claim More 'Russiagate' Like Nonsense, (23 January 2023)



Moon of Alabama goes on to quote the newspaper's references to exclusively unnamed sources — solely labeled as "US officials" — who 'say', 'said' and 'suspect'.


And MoA points out that it is difficult to ascertain how the Kremlin would benefit from a murderous plan like the letter-bombing campaign that the United States ascribes to them.



The moral? — If something shows up in the American mainstream . . .


. . . it is, almost always, a lie intended to propagandize a neocon-neoliberal agenda.


Historically speaking, the American public does not seem to care that evidence — for whatever claim is being advanced — is lacking or (blatantly obviously) concocted.


Evidently, 'feeling' that something is true is enough.


This lackadaisical mental trait hints at a culturally shared stupidity, a failed educational system — and/or — a US addiction to manifesting human sheep genes.


Notice that it is always Elites (our supposed intellectual and moral betters), who are creating and sponsoring these forms of mental fog.


Ask yourselves why.


Who benefits?