A pointed takedown of lamentably uninsightful personal character — Tarik Cyril Amar regarding Elon Musk

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31 January 2024



Thoughtfulness and insight are mostly absent in the modern West


Thus, I point you to the following exception: Tarik Cyril Amar eviscerating Elon Musk's cartoonish moral imbecility.



This latest instance Musk's moral witlessness . . .


. . . revolves around his supposedly repentant visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and his subsequent de facto approval of Israel's current quasi-genocide against Palestinians.


Of this vicious fools' circus, Amar wrote that — here in extracts:



[This] is about a pathological . . . blindness in much of the societies that make up . . . the “West” or the “Global North,” . . . .


Musk could easily have shown a true and genuinely compassionate understanding of what the lessons of the Holocaust are.


Imagine the richest man in the world . . . going to Auschwitz and saying one simple and (moderately) courageous thing:


“The lesson of the Holocaust is indeed ‘never again’. And that never, actually, means never: never and to no one and by no one.


"Hence, the best – and, really, the only – way to honor the memory of the victims of the German genocide of the Jews is to now stand with the victims of the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians.”


But Musk, probably very predictably, did no such thing.


[His] visit to Auschwitz . . . was perversely instrumentalized to make us forget a genocide in our own time.  


[H]ow did Musk end up in such a low farce?


If he used to be [self-confessedly] “naïve” about how much anti-Semitism there is, then he should avoid being . . . even more naïve now.


Yet, here is Musk lending his considerable influence to three big lies:


First, that criticizing Israel is the same as anti-Semitism.


The second big lie . . . is that the opposite of anti-Semitism is relentless support for an Israeli state that is. . . systematically and massively abuses millions of Palestinians – including by killing tens of thousands of their civilians . . . .


And the third big lie Musk is supporting now is that the memory of the Holocaust is the property of Zionists to do with as they please.


By not perceiving the equal humanity of others[,] [t]here are, for Musk . . . always those who matter and those who don’t.


His lazy lack of attention to – and empathy for – those who do not have the power to bother and push him is the sign of a deeply ordinary personality responding to very ordinary stimuli.


© 2024 Tarik Cyril Amar, Elon Musk Goes to Auschwitz: How an otherwise smart man keeps missing the key lesson of the Holocaust, RT (30 Jan 2024)



In short


Elon Musk is irrationally un-insightful and (demonstrably) cannot deductively or inductively reason, regarding relatively simple moral fact patterns.


He is, concludes Amar, a creature of the mob.



The moral? — The mob is not a good tutor


It takes perceptive spine not to be (or become) a fleeced fleece-bearer.


In consequence, do not put your societal hope in celebrity rich people.


Most of them got to be wealthy exactly because they are of plebian insight and grasping moral character.


Christ's 'camel and eye of a needle' metaphor is arguably apt.