World War 3 is closer to bursting from 2's ashes — because Germany tossed away its moral compass at American bidding

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27 January 2023



Regarding Western neocons' Ukraine War proxy-murder policy


In response to Germany's announcement that it will send battle tanks to Ukraine, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokesperson — Maria Zakharova — made it clear that Russia has not forgotten, who its World War 2 torturers were:



iEarlGrey, Zakharova's Powerful Message to Olaf Scholz, YouTube (27 January 2023)



Think she's acting?


Do you think that Russia is going to roll over for the West's morally and intellectually despicable agglomeration of neocon-neoliberal leaders?



The moral? — Perhaps NATO's likely soon-to-be incinerated sheep populations . . .


. . . should start bleating, so as to derail the German-American Fool Train from its Hell-bound tracks.