What will the Cabal in the White House do about Constitution-invoking Texas?

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28 January 2024



Probably more bad stuff?


If its record be a guide, whatever the Biden Gang does about Texas trying to guard its immigration border will further tear the country apart.


With the only arguably positive benefit stemming from that nation-splitting divisiveness — being the potential beginning of an actual civil war. A conflict that finally forces the American population to comprehend Reality and complacently lost Liberties.


A conflict reluctantly initiated by self-defending American patriots, who have had enough of the Grand American Uni-Party's nation-destroying ways.



For a description of the Uni-Party . . .


. . . a term referring to false distinctions between Democrats and Republicans — see the below citation:



Extremely American, Uniparty: Worst Villains of Freedom, extremelyamerican.com (visited 28 January 2024)



Historically speaking — although the cited definition's language appears to be extreme — and is populated with ignorantly applied references to Marxism and communism — it is workably accurate.


In short, there is no doubt that both American political parties are fully controlled and directed by the Oligarchs and the US Military Industrial Complex that run the United States.


If in doubt, ask yourselves what benefit the Uni-Party's democracy-crushing trait offers our nation's Elites.



The moral? — Stand with Texas


Become a 1776-1789 American patriot. Not a maggot-infested 21st century globalist.