Washington Post served up an expanded edition of a previously concocted story — about who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline

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13 November 2023



Anonymous foreign officials told us so


Shouldn't that evidence enough for us American wool-bearers?


From Reuters:



A Ukrainian military officer coordinated last year's attack on the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline, the Washington Post reported on Saturday, citing anonymous sources in Ukraine and Europe.


No one has taken responsibility for the September 2022 blasts . . . .


Roman Chervinsky, a former intelligence official who served in the Ukrainian military's special forces, managed a six-person team but did not plan the attack, the Post reported. He denied involvement.


A spokesperson for Ukraine's military told Reuters he had "no information" about the claim.


The newspaper also reported that President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who has denied Kyiv's role in the blasts, had been unaware of the operation.


Chervinsky is currently under arrest for exceeding authority after a 2022 attempt to convince a Russian pilot to defect to Ukraine, which investigators say led to a deadly Russian attack on a Ukrainian air base.


© 2023 Dan Peleschuk, Tom Balmforth and William Maclean, Ukrainian officer coordinated Nord Stream attack: Washington Post, Reuters (12 November 2023)



How convenient


The alleged bad guy is already in jail.


And given Ukraine's military rank structure, overall recrimination will cling to Ukraine's head general, Valery Zaluzhny.


Yes, Zaluzhny — whom America's chosen corruption puppet — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky — is subtly seeking to blame for all the purported bad things that allegedly have defeated Ukraine's fingerprints all over them.


Best of all, the United States gets to skate away from the fact of having actually been the one to do (or plot and coordinate the doing of) this Germany-deindustrializing deed.



Notice that no one ever asks


Why would Ukraine seek to harm and annoy Germany, its arguably pre-Nord-Stream-blast most dependable Nazi-supporting pseudo-ally?


You know, the same Germany that sent Ukraine gobs of money and allegedly great Leopold tanks to the Ukrainian death pit. Thereby predictably further offending Russia, who in the form of World War 2's Red Army had already once had to fend off German Nazism's Wehrmacht and SS.


This is the same morally backsliding German nation that never once said, or even thought, anything negative about rampantly burgeoning Nazism in Ukraine.


The identical Germany that was (happily for American neocons) too cowardly to blame the United States — the sole nation that had a proper motive for cutting off Germany's heavy industry, Russia-sourced gas supply.


And, equally happily for neocons all over the place, the selfsame Germany that still sends quantifiable material support to Ukraine's graft-addled, Nazi-polluted war machine.



When even superficially analyzed . . .


. . . this Washington Post Nord Stream concoction, and its predecessors, make not an iota of believable sense.



The moral? — Why would anyone take the Washington Post's perennially propagandizing, warmongering word for anything?


Especially so, after it is has become historically clear that the Biden administration did everything that it could to follow through on its explicit promise to initiate and implement Nord Stream's demise.


Not all sheep are fools.


Though we American muttonheads (admittedly) do a pretty good simulation of having fleece-filled brain boxes.