US deep state wants to allow genociding Israel to use whatever weapons it wants from the US stockpile there

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30 November 2023



Israel's American lapdog goes full Satan


From the Intercept:



Created in the 1980s to supply the U.S. in case of a regional war, the War Reserve Stockpile Allies-Israel, or WRSA-I, is the largest node in a network of what are effectively foreign U.S. weapons caches.


With the WRSA-I, Biden is looking to lift virtually all the meaningful restrictions on the stockpile and the transfer of its arms to Israel, with plans to remove limitations to obsolete or surplus weapons, waive an annual spending cap on replenishing the stockpile, remove weapon-specific restrictions, and curtail congressional oversight.


“Taken as a package,” said William Hartung, an arms expert at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, “it is extraordinary, and it will make it much harder for Congress or the public to monitor U.S. arms transfers to Israel, even as the Israeli government has engaged in massive attacks on civilians, some of which constitute war crimes.”


© 2023 Ken Klippenstein, Joe Biden moves to lift nearly every restriction on Israel's access to U.S. weapons stockpile, The Intercept (25 November 2023)



The moral? — Proxy-slaughtering people . . .


. . . now seems to be the American way:



Recently in Ukraine, via US-proxied (Nazi-led) Ukraine against an intentionally provoked Russia.


And now in Gaza, via Zionism's attempt to slaughter everyone in its Western civilization-sponsored Lebensraum path.



Can the United States sink any lower than this?


If one were to follow Israel's genocidal logic in removing Palestinians from this life — the rest of the world would remove Zionist Israel and the constantly marauding United States from it, as well.


Is everyone in the West demonically crazy?