United States' culture battlers throw words around — without knowing or caring what they mean — consider the phrase, 'cultural Marxism'

© 2023 Peter Free


23 February 2023



As I have said before, the terms Left and Right . . .


. . .  in the United States are essentially meaningless.


Americans use those labels, inaccurately, without knowing the term-defining histories and political philosophies originally underlying both.


Consequently, folks here predominantly say distorted things, regarding our usually stupidly concocted, foolishly inflated pseudo-issues.



Below is an illustrating example


Semantic manipulation for Chaos' sake:



We have a Manchurian leader who is gutting us of our rights.


The latest assault is Biden’s determination to put us under the domination of the World Health Organization, who will determine our health care.


What could possibly go wrong with America ceding its G-d given rights to an organization that could set up a “medical police state under the control of the WHO, and in particular WHO Director-General Tedros” who could “issue orders that will go all the way down the pipe to your primary care physicians?”


Consider that COVID dictators continue to look for a way out after “draconian Covid measures ruined the lives of millions of lower- and middle-class Americans while lining the pockets of the liberal cabal.”


Cultural Marxism continues to degrade every facet of our country.


© 2023 Eileen F. Toplansky, Taking Back America, American Thinker (23 February 2023)



While I agree with Eileen Toplansky about . . .


. . . the Freedom-attacking threats posed by Biden and overly rabid American wokies and wokesters, those groups are not exhibiting 'cultural Marxism'.


An immediate clue to Toplansky's abandonment of sound definitions and rational argument is her introductory use of the phrase "Manchurian leader" to attack President Biden.


Contextually, her 'Manchurian' phrase is (most probably) a reference to the 1959 novel and 1962 movie about a communist-brainwashed assassin-to-be, The Manchurian Candidate. A book and movie that virtually no American alive today has read, seen or remembers.


Toplansky is presumably counting on readers dimly recalling the ostensibly negative connotations of the book's title. That darkly unintelligent arousal presumably being incited, so as to launch her reflexively anti-historical and terms-conflating attack on Karl Marx.


As if Marx and his fellow-thinkers had anything at all to do with the suicidal brainlessness consuming the United States today.


Maybe worse, I wonder whether Toplansky even remembers the Manchurian Candidate and is, instead, banking on the fact that her readers will equate Manchuria with China. And thereby, dredge up amorphous political hatred from the depths of their (predominantly pridefully ignorant) 'exceptional' American souls.


In sum, for its broader part, Marxism is an economic philosophy and analysis.


It has nothing to do, at least not via any rationally reached ramification, with the United States' ostensible culture wars.


Toplansky's counterfactual statements continue with this:



In fact, the goal of Marxists is the total annihilation of freedom.


No matter how many times the communist dream is proven to result in nothing but misery, it seems to get resurrected.


© 2023 Eileen F. Toplansky, Taking Back America, American Thinker (23 February 2023)



Contrary to Toplansky's rhetorical excess, Marxism is not communism. It is not totalitarian in nature.


The Soviet Union, and this planet's various People's Republics, are not manifestations of Marxism in any way that Marx would have approved. Marxists (with significant justice) can argue precisely the proletariat-liberating reverse.





In this political vein, I find it sadly amusing how the American right wing forgets that Western Hemisphere (Anglo-Saxon originated) conservatism. For example, Edmund Burke's was spawned by the hierarchically inclined. Monarchists. Systems that are, historically speaking, quasi-dictatorial and caste-oriented. Traits that self-described right wingers often complain about today. At least so, when 'them other guys' (and not they) are in power.



Toplansky, and her myriad ilk — on both sides of the metaphorical American aisle — demagogically use Marx's name solely because Americans reflexively hate Marxism. Almost always so, without knowing what Marxism really was and still is.


Consequently, hysterically screaming 'Marxism' or 'Marxist' is just a way of dragging id-based ignorance and 'brainwashed' emotion into an argument.


This tactic no doubt having been chosen, so as to circumvent the reader or listener's ability (if such exists) to think objectively and fair-mindedly.



The moral? — Manipulated idiots all


The United States' alleged culture war is (a) an Imperium-sustaining distraction, (b) fomented by our Grandly Plundering Oligarchy, and (c) carried out by this hapless nation's hordes of combatively inclined, propagandized nitwits.


Aggressive stupidity and the United States have become synonyms.