United Kingdom's idiotic Julian Assange extradition appeal ruling

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27 March 2024



Psychotics in power — everywhere in the West


Once mighty Great Britain has reduced itself to the status of a contemptibly puling American-owned lapdog. And is, therefore, acting in the same manner that the psychosis-addicted United States does.



Regarding Julian Assange's effort to avoid extradition to the United States


The High Court of Justice, King's Bench Division, obediently has found that its pillaging Master State (across the wide sea) can promise its way out of being held accountable for an unending string of freedom and life-eliminating acts.


And therefore, Julian Assange's (not judicially rejected) grounds for appeal — comprised as follows:



Ground iv) Extradition incompatible with article 10 of the Convention (freedom of expression)


Ground v) Whether the applicant might be prejudiced at his trial by reason of his nationality


Ground ix) Extradition barred because insufficient specialty/death penalty protection



. . . may go forward.


Except that:



The concerns that arise under these grounds may be capable of being addressed by assurances [from the United States] . . . .



In other words


The American Empire of Lies can assure the British court that it will not do the bad things that it customarily does every day, all day long — in this one Julian Assange instance.


These American-generated assurances to be considered legally adequate, despite the fact that the US Deep State has been persecuting Julian Assange for 12 years. Even reportedly discussing killing him for its presumed fun.



The moral? — The official United Kingdom has no spine, no morality . . .


. . . and is legally incoherent most of the time. And the United States remains in character as this planet's 'Great Satan'.


None of this is likely to change, until Western Civilization is fenced off by people(s) who are sick of its enslaving domination.


One could argue that the reigning state of affairs represents a good justification for the widespread existence and proliferation of nuclear weapons. Those dreaded devices can now be viewed as an aggregate anti-psychotic of conceivably effective strength.


Thus, what we once thought was bad, may turn out to be a good thing.


Human perversity, we can hypothesize, reliably generates paradox.