United Kingdom poll demonstrates — complete disrespect for the Soviet Union's vastly predominant contribution to World War 2's anti-Nazi victory

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10 June 2024



It is no wonder that the ignoramus-populated Western democracies have collapsed . . .


. . . in favor of a Collective Western Autocracy led by global pillagers:



In polling conducted on 5-6 June (exactly 80 years on from the [D-Day] landings themselves) . . . .


When considering the war in its totality, a plurality of 42% of Britons believe the United Kingdom did the most to defeat Nazi Germany, compared to 12% who think the United States did the most, and only 6% who think the Soviet Union (which numerically contributed the most troops and suffered the most casualties among the Allies) did the most to defeat Hitler’s Germany.


© 2024 R&WS Research Team, Less Than One in Six British 18-24-Year-olds Know What ‘D-Day’ Was, Redfield & Wilton Strategies (07 June 2024)



Of this rampaging ignorance . . .


Professor Glenn Diesen (of Norway) observed that:



Only 6% answered the Soviet Union did the most to defeat Nazi Germany despite approximately 85% of German casualties occurring on the Eastern front with everything else being a sideshow.


Democracy requires an informed public to make informed decisions.


Walter Lippman, Edward Bernays and the other main scholars on propaganda argued democracies are more reliant on propaganda.


When sovereignty resides with the people, it is of greater importance to control their beliefs to steer the group in the desired direction.



I would go further


Western 'democracy' requires that Elites enforce their lackadaisically sheepy publics' ignorance — as well as their inability to think — so as to keep Western Oligarchists' profitable war machine going.



The moral? — The dummification of . . .


. . . the Collective West's constituent publics is Pillaging Elites' society-controlling goal.


Gifts of Liberty and Critical Inquiry are wasted on the mentally mummified idiots thereby produced.