Uni-Party of Republicans and Democrats is ready to screw Americans again — by flirting with another government shutdown

© 2023 Peter Free


29 September 2023



If Congress were eliminated, Americans would benefit


Arguably the most useless and damaging institution on the planet is toying with yet another government shutdown threat.


These narcisistically malicious clowns just never stop.



Of this threat to terminate daily government spending . . .


. . . the White House, pretending to care about at least some people, observed that:



Each weekday the government is shut down, hundreds of small businesses would see their 7(a) and 504 loan applications fail to move forward.


That means extreme House Republicans would deny more than $100 million in critical financing to American small businesses every day.


© The White House, During an Extreme Republican Shutdown, American Small Businesses Would Lose Out on More Than $100 Million in Critical Financing Every Day, whitehouse.gov (29 September 2023)



Not to mention the millions of other people and programs that lose their incomes. Including government workers, disabled vets, retired vets, food and healthcare programs, poor children, the impoverished bedridden — and so (yadda-yadda) on — throughout the entire society.



In spite of all these easily foreseeable blows to the average person's survival and psyche . . .


. . . on a regular basis, the Uni-Party of Warmongering Plutocratic Plunderers — meaning Democrats and Republicans — continues its nihilistic game about supposedly caring about responsible government finance.


Especially laughably in our case this year — this alleged caring about being responsible to the American public comes after sending billions and billions of taxpayer dollars to Nazi-led Ukraine and to the Warfare ("kill everybody") Complex that runs the United States.


These malevolent Congressional grifters squabble for show. In hopes they can maintain their pretense of differing about allegedly important issues.  Matters which they demonstrate, literally every day, that they actually do not care at all about. Like government's financial responsibility.



The economic stability loser, every time?


The American public.



The moral? — With a government like the United States' assemblage of blood-sucking corporatist-controlled parasites . . .


. . . US taxpayers have a real enemy (not a pretend one like Russia) directly aiming Impoverishment's cannons at their heads.


No other government in the world indulges in such massively destructive nonsense on such a regular basis.