Ukro-Nazi, US neocon logic — demonstrates why the sane world is fleeing the West

© 2023 Peter Free


26 May 2023



Consider the following . . .


. . . regarding basic morality and all things (arguably Godly) large.


From AntiWar:



Ukraine sent untrained recruits into the battle of Bakhmut to save its professional soldiers for an expected counteroffensive, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.


The Journal spoke with men who were part of a small group that was sent into Bakhmut, which became known as the meat grinder, just a few days after being mobilized.


Out of 16 men in the group of draftees, 11 were either killed or captured. The Journal described them as “mostly poor men from villages in the northeastern Kharkiv region, many of them unemployed, doing odd jobs as handymen or shift work at factories in the regional capital.”


The men’s accounts match what Ukrainians fighting on the frontlines had been telling the media while the battle was still raging. They told stories of troops being sent in with little support, training, or ammunition.


© 2023 Dave DeCamp, Ukraine Sent Poor, Untrained Men into Bakhmut Meat Grinder to Save Better Forces for Counteroffensive, AntiWar (25 May 2023)



In short


At US insistence, Ukraine was (and continues) sending untrained men into a fully predictable slaughterhouse.


Where their hapless bodies stop bullets, shrapnel and missiles from hitting the NATO-trained, US-funded Ukrainian proxy folk — who are allegedly being saved for a propaganda-spawning offensive that will either:



never happen


(for realistically sound strategic reasons)




itself be turned (inevitably, given the military power disparities) into another hopeless butcher zone.



We can conclude from all this that . . .


From the neo-Nazi Ukrainian and similarly fascist US neocon perspective — proxy-dying other people to enrich the Military lndustrial Complex — and its corrupt American and Ukrainian fellow-traveling parasites — is a grandly good thing for Government to set into motion.



The moral? — Meanwhile . . .


. . . and on top of deliberately having provoked this appallingly unnecessary war — American military vehicles were used in a Ukraine-sponsored terror attack on civilians in Russia's city of Belgorod.


And that was after months of Ukraine's having used American missiles and artillery to kill Russian heritage civilians — at civilian targets — in Ukraine's east.


All of this with the United States' explicit or tacit approval.


Makes ya proud to be an American, don't it?


Do We the People have enough spine to stand and put a stop to these forms of US-sponsored evil?


If not, we're probably next.



Say in nuke-blasted form.


As a result of the war with China that these US neocon demons are trying to start.



I have never lived in an era in which the United States' — positively, absolutely 100-percent — Satanic leadership has been more overtly contemptuous of life, sanity and basic ethics.


The world's human population is fleeing from the United States' Hell-based influence. For inarguably good reason.