Ukraine's half million dead troops left the news — when the American Military Industrial Propaganda Complex — turned to the Israel versus Hamas cash cow

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23 October 2023



Do you think that you think for yourself?


Have you noticed that virtually the entirety of information flow in the West is controlled by the US Military Industrial Complex?



Did it occur to y'all that Ukraine magically disappeared from public view . . .


. . . after that US-instigated war started showing everyone how surprisingly weak the United States is?


Somehow, those US-proxied half million dead Ukrainian troops suddenly lost all geopolitical and moral significance.


After all, what's the death of a country — and most of its reproductive-aged male youth — when evaluated by avaricious neocon connivers — and the apparently quasi-brain-dead populations that they mind-control?



Now, it's all about Israel


Home of the Holocaust's curiously reincarnated group of Nazi-like, Benjamin Netanyahu-led — race and culture-cleansing — philosophizers.



Do notice that


Just as with supporting, financing, arming and militarily assisting literally Nazi-led Ukraine — we Americans are also emphatically for Apartheid Israel's serial murdering(s) of Palestinian folks.


No understanding tolerance at all allowed for Hamas's predictably butcher-prone, asserted-right to self-defense.



The moral? — Just change a few names in American-generated propaganda . . .


. . . and off the US Military Industrial Slaughter Machine goes again.


If you think that the rest of the world does not recognize this American penchant for causing death and destruction wherever it goes, you are out of your mind.


According to Jesus and anyone else with a functioning brain — we really should be more careful, whom we put in charge of our squabble-prone flock of — dullard and ignoramus-imitating — fleece bearers.