Ukraine's West-accorded press freedom score rose — despite Ukraine's press being even more totalitarian-controlled than before

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11 May 2023



In the land of Nazi make believe


There must be something in the West's water:



France-based press watchdog Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontières, or RSF) recently released its scores and rankings for international press freedom.


In 2022, RSF gave Ukraine a score of 55.76 out of 100, placing it 106th out of 180 countries surveyed.


In the most recent report, issued after over a year of war, Ukraine shot to 79th out of 180, with a new score of 61.19.


This despite wartime measures that banned opposition parties, consolidated media under state control, and saw journalists’ speech chilled by unprecedented intimidation.


Ivan Katchanovski, a Ukrainian political scientist at the University of Ottawa, told [Branko] Marcetic:


[President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy used the Russian invasion and the war as a pretext to eliminate most of the political opposition and potential rivals for power, and to consolidate his largely undemocratic rule.


This continues a trend since before the war. In 2021, Zelenskyy had banned the most popular news website in the country, then  banned media outlets affiliated with one of the most popular parties in the country.


© 2023 Bryce Greene, Ukraine’s ‘Press Freedom’ Score Increases Despite Martial Law, Banned Media, FAIR [Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting] (09 May 2023)



Everyone, who has been following the situation, knows all this


Yet, the West insists on portraying Ukraine's flagrant neo-Nazis — Zelensky included — as world liberators.


Perhaps that is consistent. After all, the United States put Ukraine's Nazis in power, on purpose, in 2014. And then supported their slaughter of 14,000 Russians in the Donbass. Thereby, again intentionally, causing Russia to invade Ukraine in easily arguable self-defense.



The moral? — Follow the corporatist/oligarch-destined money


Who profits by floating these Grand Deceptions?


And who is so lazily unperceptive as to believe them?


If ever an alleged civilization begged to be extinguished — by worshipping avarice, anti-truth and serial murder — it is ours.