Ukraine wants NATO and UN to demilitarize Russia — evidently so that neo-Nazi Ukraine can continue killing Russian heritage folk in the Donbas without interference

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31 May 2023



Is the extermination of Ukrainian Nazis the only solution?


Read the following and consider what those quoted blurbs would encourage you to think — if you were Russian, Chinese or an advocate of BRICS.



Are Ukrainian leaders so lunatic . . .


. . . that reason and reality are lost on them?


It does not get psychotically estranged from real affairs — than the following call for international action from Ukraine's US-puppetized leadership.


To wit, read the following tweet from Zelensky's presidential office advisor, Mykhailo Podolyak.


Podolyak proposes an internationally enforced end to the Ukraine War. A war which — one should, for contextual accuracy's sake, keep in mind that — the United States and Ukraine provoked against Russia and are now losing badly:



The key topic of the post-war settlement should be the establishment of safeguards to prevent a recurrence of aggression in the future.


To ensure real security for residents of Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions and protect them from shelling, it will be necessary to introduce a demilitarization zone of 100-120 km on the territory of Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, and Rostov republics.


Probably with a mandatory international control contingent at the first stage.




Historically knowledgeable readers will know that . . .


. . . Ukraine's current neo-Nazi leadership was installed, as a result of 2014's US-sponsored coup in that country.


Those Nazi puppets spent the following 8 years killing 14,000 Russian heritage people in Ukraine's Donbas region.


Then, in 2022, this same US-sponsored neo-Nazi leadership group massed a Ukrainian army in the Donbas. A move which finally prompted the Russian Federation to intervene. Both to protect Russians living in the Donbas and itself.


Ever since, the United States and Ukraine have been trying to escalate this deliberately West-concocted situation into becoming World War 3.


All this occurring in accord with the US Secretary of Defense's officially announced intention of weakening Russia.



With those contextual elements in mind


Let's return to read Podolyak's statement.


Apply the appropriately accurate historical context.


Russians, Chinese, Indians and most of the Global South will.


Only ignoramuses, Nazis and psychotics will not.



The idiocy of Podolyak's geopolitically impossible-to-achieve demand . . .


. . . is further highlighted by his (two days) previous tweet.


A tweet which said that peace can only be achieved by the imposing the following, internationally enforced, measures on the Russian Federation:



Immediate withdrawal of all troops from the sovereign territory of Ukraine.


Final recognition of the collapse of the #USSR and full sovereignty of the post-Soviet countries.


Extradition of war criminals and authors of war.


Fixing the demilitarization zone (buffer zone) on the territory of the #RF.


Reduction of offensive weapons (missiles with extended range).


International conference to organize control over the nuclear arsenal of the RF.


A legally fixed program of reparation payments, including a voluntary renunciation of Russian assets seized in other countries in favor of Ukraine.



Put all this in geopolitical perspective


Podolyak's geopolitically impossible demands contextually simulate a metaphorical Hitler calling for:



the League of Nations to militarily restrain


Great Britain, France, Poland and the Soviet Union,


so that Nazi Germany


could continue its Lebensraum (land-grabbing) program


and do so while exhibiting the additionally obvious good will


involved in killing alleged Untermenschen of all kinds —


but now (oh so happily) without


having to endure the previously experienced self-defensive interference


originating from those unfortunate Untermensch victims


and their cross-border national defenders.



Yeah, really.


Outrageous, no?



The moral? — If I were Russian (or anyone else reasonable) . . .


. . . I would conclude that terminating these rabidly lunatic Ukrainian Nazis will constitute the only workable, at least medium-term, solution to the current conflict.


Given the United States' satanically inspired, Nazi-supporting, neocon-based intransigence — such a reasonable conclusion reached by the rest of the world does not augur well for avoiding another world war.


Will this be reasonable people's fault — or reality-defying Ukrainian Nazis' and their US sponsors'?


Here, I emphasize (again) that US neocons have betrayed everyone who died or was maimed combatting German Nazism during the Second World War.


Do we Americans really want to go out — presumably coddled by figurative radioactive ash clouds — on such an abysmally sour, anti-moral note?