Ukraine War — did arch-neocon US Senator Lindsey Graham— the Devil's fondest warmongering disciple — tell Ukraine's struttingly corrupt parasite, Zelensky — to get on with Ukraine's long-ballyhooed offensive?

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01 June 2023



From Politico . . .


. . . comes the following news, published after Senator Lindsey Graham visited Kiev to talk with Ukrainian president Zelensky:



The Russians are “in for a rude awakening” when the Ukrainian counteroffensive begins, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) told NatSec Daily following a weekend trip to Kyiv.


The lawmaker received a “deep dive” briefing on Ukraine’s military plans from President Volodymyr Zelensky and his team, he said in a phone interview during his return home.


“In the coming days, you’re going to see a pretty impressive display of power by the Ukrainians.”


Zelenskyy announced Monday that “decisions have been made” about when the troop movements will begin.


© 2023 Alexander Ward, Ari Hawkins, Phelim Kine and Daniel Lippman, Ukraine’s counteroffensive plan ‘impressive,’ Sen. Graham says, Politico (30 May 2023)



I'm pretty sure that Zelensky did not spill his war plans . . .


. . . to the Senator 'Start Wars Forever' Graham as a matter of diplomatically courteous accident.



In making this assessment . . .


. . . I agree with analysts Alex Christoforou (at 09:09 minutes in the linked video) and Alexander Mercouris.


Both of whom have stated that Graham was a messenger from Washington DC. Whose assigned, tacitly bipartisanly approved, neocon mission was to get Zelensky to toe the Deep State's Puppet-Biden reelection plan.


This means that Ukraine — so as to keep its American-sourced mountain of lucre coming — will have to US-proxy tens of thousands more of their own troops to death.


This slaughter occurring, so as to justify Biden's provocation of this war. As well as the United States' billions-of-dollars squared (so to speak) funding and military support of it.



The American establishment, it seems . . .


. . . cannot allow itself to be perceived (domestically) to be backing a loser.


Especially not, after Biden and Gang pulled us out of Afghanistan in such a humiliating and needlessly US-troops-killing way.



Generating false optics . . .


. . . where the United States is concerned, is everything.


Reality takes a long distant last place to our culture's spectacularly 24/7 addiction to propaganda-creation:



'There is Military Industrial Complex money to made, boys and girls, theys and its.'



And thus, Senator Graham came home with his smiling Bloodbath-to-Come announcement.


Whether the Ukrainian offensive will amount to anything in an objective militarily defensible sense, seems doubtful.


Ukraine is just as committed to creating lying optics in the midst of its self-created Nazi Land despair, as the United States is.



The moral? — US leadership will kill . . .


. . . other nations' citizens, its own troops, and anyone else who gets in our blood-sucking Oligarchs' warfare ways.


Senator Graham (incidentally and pertinently to what follows) is someone I despise.


My ex-cop assessment of him is that he's a coward, who gets off on committing other people to lose their lives in geopolitically idiotic missions, always ending in nonsensically assigned death.


It appalls me that South Carolina keeps electing this murder-mongering douche.


How Graham remains national office says everything about the de-souled, avaricious cult that governs the United States:



The worst among humanity lead us.


So much for the allegedly workable concept of republican democracy.



One can reasonably doubt that Martin Luther King Jr was correct in thinking that, “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”