US trotted out preposterous coverups — for its Nord Stream sabotage

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09 March 2023



Showing just how idiotic American leadership is


The US blew up the Nord Stream pipelines.


And now, recognizing that this might backfire strategically, has since been trying to blame other purported miscreants.



Most recently . . .


. . . comes the following vague nonsense, generated by now famously 'anonymous' sources embedded in our Deep State:



A new report published in the New York Times on Tuesday claims a “pro-Ukrainian group” was behind the Nord Stream pipeline attack, discarding recent evidence pointing the finger firmly at Washington unearthed by veteran journalist Seymour Hersh.


However, the evidence given to the paper by US officials is extremely vague, saying only that “the review of newly collected intelligence suggests they were opponents of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.”


The paper notes that US intelligence officials were loath to discuss any specifics about the evidence or how it was obtained.


The Times report makes absolutely no mention of another report by veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh last month that claimed US Navy divers had planted bombs on the pipeline during drills the previous summer . . . .


© 2023 Fantine Gardinier, Blame Game: US Intel Tells NYT 'Pro-Ukrainian Group' Behind Nord Stream Bombing, Sputnik News (08 March 2023)



Almost immediately after that bit of dissembling fluff was published . . .


. . . came a fuller report published in Germany's Die Zeit.


In that article, we are told that six folks rented a small Ukrainian-owned yacht, presumably located in a Polish marina on the Baltic:



[T]he group consisted of a captain, two divers, two diving assistants and a doctor, who are said to have transported the explosives to the crime scenes and placed them there.


© 2023 Holger Stark, Nord-Stream-Ermittlungen: Spuren führen in die Ukraine, Die Zeit (Google translation)



This brave crew then sailed the yacht — and its explosive accoutrements — to the locations of the Nord Stream blowups.


Where they (literally or metaphorically) dived off the yacht's deck. Inferably accompanied by large bundles of explosives.


Explosives that had helpfully been fashioned for blowing up pipelines underwater.


Bomb-stuff that members of the crew had (inferably happily) bought — in presumably noticeable amounts — at undisclosed locations in Europe or elsewhere — from equally undisclosed merchants, terrorists or CIA-affiliated operatives.


All of this, taking place without the Sabotage-Inclined Six having left any trail(s) that might have alerted Russian and German intelligence agencies to their plot.


Clever, indeed.



This purported quasi-amateur sabotage was . . .


. . . we are asked to believe — only discovered, after the saboteurs returned the rented yacht to its (presumably north coastal) Poland marina in reportedly 'uncleaned' condition.


We must now assume that the boat's owners were irritated by the previous renters' bad housekeeping.


And (in a leap of gargantuanly non sequitur magnitude) called police (or police-like authorities) — whom Die Zeit ambiguously calls 'investigators'.


After receiving that call for a retributive cleanliness examination — and in an equally curious, gigantic leap of investigative logic — the responding 'investigators' looked for — and found — residue from explosives on the yacht's kitchen table.


Therefore — as a matter of generating a vaguely comprehensible narrative — we are encouraged to infer that the 'investigators' automatically suspected that a smallish yacht had been involved in an undersea sabotage of history-making scope. So believing, they brought their bomb-sniffing dogs with them.



Ukraine has denied . . .


. . . Die Zeit's overtly ridiculous account.


Evidently, even Ukraine's constantly lying, story-concocting neo-Nazi propagandists recognize over-the-top preposterous bullshit.


The sensible Moon of Alabama blog dismissed Die Zeit's report this way:



You do not dive down to 80+ meter for an industrial size job, involving the placement of hundreds of pounds of explosives in eight individual charges on very sturdy pipelines, from a sparsely manned boat.


Such deep dives require special gases, special breathing equipment, special training, a decompression chamber for emergencies and lots of well trained people to maintain all that stuff.


This is just more chaff thrown up to divert the attention from Seymour Hersh's revelations that the U.S. military, under order from the White House, carried out the sabotage act.


© 2023 Moon of Alabama, Nord Stream Attack - 'Officials' Throw More Chaff To Hide The Real Perpetrators, (08 March 2023)



One also wonders why . . .


. . . Die Zeit's hinted Ukrainian masterminds would have been interested in punishing Germany — a country that has reliably been sending Ukraine money and weapons.


And if Russia was the target, why would six scheming Ukrainians blow up the Nord Stream pipelines after Russia had already (and massively) demonstrated that it could profitably sell its gas and oil to non-Western buyers?


Seems a very big risk for the supposed 'Ukrainian' schemers to take, for virtually no reasonably worthwhile gain.


On the other hand, the United States had already said that Nord Stream would die.


And American neocons had and have every (historically demonstrated) anti-Germany economic motive to carry through with their lead puppets' threats.


Unlike every other nation on this planet.



The moral? — As is usual with the United States and its Vassal Minions . . .


. . . nothing their propagandists concoct and spew makes believable sense, when examined even superficially.


Contrast Seymour Hersh's Lamestream-ignored believable report of what happened to Nord Stream — with the same Lamestream's noticeably absurd Deep State-spawned coverups.


Of the latter, Larry Johnson (a former CIA-er) wrote that:



A competent intelligence service would have prepared a detailed story that was plausible and contained enough details to create doubt in the minds of those who accepted Sy’s account.


Instead of releasing the same skimpy story in three different media outlets on the same day, the release should have been spread out over a few days or a week.


This bungled attempt to shift the blame to Ukraine is just one more piece of evidence that America does not have a competent intelligence service.


© 2023 Larry Johnson, When it comes to Nordstream and F-16s the US. ops for ham handed political gestures, (08 March 2023)



'Intelligence', sadly, is not all that is incompetent with American government and leadership.