US says that it is using its Middle East deployments to protect Israel and self-defense American troops — the latter of which are actually conducting illegal partial occupations in Iraq and Syria — and stealing oil

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28 October 2023



When the US wants to start a war — which is always — it claims self-defense


Remember the two aircraft carrier groups recently sent to the Middle East, supposedly to help protect Israel?


They are almost certainly there to instigate the wars that America's neocon leadership wants with Syria and Iran.


Yet, the US frames its carrier groups deployment — and the non-naval others that are temporally associated with those — as self-defense:



U.S. efforts in the Middle East remain focused on supporting Israel's defense needs as the nation battles Hamas terrorists in Gaza, deterring other actors who seek to use the Hamas war on Israel as a pretext to expand the conflict and to ensure force protection for U.S. forces serving in the region, Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said today.


Deployed and deploying units include a terminal high-altitude area defense battery from Fort Bliss, Texas; Patriot batteries from Fort Sill, Oklahoma; Patriot and Avenger batteries from Fort Liberty, North Carolina and associated air defense headquarters elements from Fort Bliss and Fort Cavazos, Texas.


Ryder said that between October 17 and 26, U.S. and coalition forces have been attacked at least 12 separate times in Iraq and four separate times in Syria, by a mix of one-way attack drones and rockets.


The general would not provide specific groups that have claimed responsibility for these attacks. All he would say is "we know that these groups are affiliated with Iran."


© 2023 Jim Garamone, U.S. Military Continues Focus on Supporting Israel, Ukraine, U.S. Department of Defense (26 October 2023)



The alleged Syrian component of this self-defense is interesting . . .


. . . when compared to the probable truth of what underlies it:



The Syrian Oil Ministry released a statement on 9 August [2022] accusing US forces occupying Syria of being responsible for the theft of most of the country’s oil.


The statement went on to say that “US occupation forces and their mercenaries,” referring to the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), “steal up to 66,000 barrels every single day from the fields occupied in the eastern region,” amounting to around 83 percent of Syria’s daily oil production.


On 10 August, footage filmed by a Russian attack helicopter was released on social media, showing a convoy of trucks operated by the US military, smuggling stolen oil destined for Iraq, out of Raqqah.


Recently, the US army, which currently occupies northeast Syria, has been consistently looting the country’s oil and smuggling it into their bases in Iraq through several illegal border crossings.


© 2023 News Desk, Washington steals over 80 percent of Syria's oil output per day, The (10 Aug 2022)



Pertinent to that Syrian oil ministry account


The Syrian envoy to China provided a longer explanation of what Americans are doing in Syria:



Global Times, US stealing Syrian national treasure is a long-time crime: envoy, (04 September 2023)



If you read this China-originated article, you may better understand the rancor that the United States' imperial actions inspire in the non-Western world.



The US, of course, denies these (truth-telling) allegations


But thereby fails to explain what our troops really are doing in a country — that did not invite them in — and has been trying to get them out for years.


As is customary, the non-Western world knows exactly what these US troops have been up to.


It is only we propagandized, complacently ignorant Americans — and the United States' cowardly, groveling Euro Puppets — who do not.



Notice, also . . .


. . . that the US Department of Defense mentions Iraqi 'terrorist' attacks on US troops, but again fails to explain that our troops are there illegally — having long ago been asked to leave by the Iraqi government itself.



In other words, escalation


Part of the United States' current Middle East deployments' purpose is to ramp up the United States' illegal trespasses, murders and thefts on foreign soils.



Outright wars with Syria and Iran are on the immediate horizon


Once those start, all heck is going to break loose.


A massive confrontation (on such an easily predictable scale) will be completely uncontrollable.


American neocons will almost certainly be granted their Satanic wish to annihilate much of the world.



The moral? — One might ask . . .


Do We the People really want our military sons, daughters, brothers and sisters to be killed in criminal pursuit of such ignoble and strategically boomeranging — but Corporatist Elites-aiding — endeavors?


Keep in mind that — when American government is talking and explaining, it is lying and sucking all life out of We the People's brains.


Should we get off our (generally errantly perceiving) American asses, and do some neocon-throttling?


True self-defense, that would be.