US reportedly leaves its citizens unassisted in Sudan's civil war — while other nations rush to get their own people out

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29 April 2023



Shades of the Biden administration's Afghanistan debacle?


Perhaps demonstrating (again) that US neocons are unable to learn from boatloads of previous idiocies — they double down in making new ones:



Sudan is continuing to stare into the abyss of full-blown civil war as the battle for control of the capital of Khartoum between two rival generals - now reaching the two week mark - results in a mounting death toll.


Currently, dozens of countries have for days been racing to get their citizens out via military transport planes, ships, and via cross-border land routes into Ethiopia and neighboring countries, but not the United States.


A surprisingly blunt report voicing intense criticism toward the Biden administration has been issued by CNN Friday, which writes, "As the crisis in Sudan continues to unfold, there is mounting anger among Americans who feel abandoned by the US government and left to navigate the complicated and dangerous situation on their own."


[In contrast:]


CNN further points out that robust evacuation efforts are underway by many other countries.


As we detailed below, a C-130 evac flight sent by Turkey even took on small arms fire while landing outside the capital.


And the Chinese government has said it has successfully evacuated at least 1,300 of its nationals thus far, with state media confirming evacuation operations ongoing by "land and sea".


China's Foreign Ministry has confirmed it is sending the PLA Navy to help evacuate Chinese nationals from Sudan, with defense ministry spokesman Tan Kefei announcing Thursday that that more navy ships are on their way.


Already, Chinese evac ships have been spotted at Sudan ports in the Red Sea . . . .


© 2023 Tyler Durden, Trapped Americans in Sudan "Shocked & Disgusted" - Left by Biden to Fend for Themselves, ZeroHedge (28 April 2023)



The AP agrees with the essence of the above report.



Not so difficult, is it?


A decent government sees that its citizens abroad need assistance in leaving some war-torn place, so it uses its — for instance, in our US trillion dollar case — military apparatus to make the necessary transports.


Evidently, competently implementing such a mundane thing is a Social Contract step too far for the warmongering boneheads, who lead the United States.



What is especially offensive . . .


. . . if these reports are true —is that one can easily suspect that the United States is behind creating Sudan's civil war in the first place.


Probably by financially and militarily favoring one Sudanese general over another, as part of our decades long effort to create chaos, death and destruction wherever we go.



In probable sum


The US not unlikely created the Sudanese circumstances that endanger our Sudan-residing citizens.


And now, we refuse to help them escape the deviously created ground conditions that — we might reasonably suspect — our own government set in motion.


Does this sound a bit like October 2021's US Afghanistan withdrawal — namely create the circumstances that we then bungled?


Whether the same in this Sudan instance or not — that is historically typical of how the United States' neocon-neoliberal leadership operates.



The moral? — We can conclude that US taxpayers' money goes toward . . .


. . . keeping neocons and the Grand Corporatocracy in power. Never toward actually benefiting We the People.


Time to put your figurative — responsibility-assigning — jackboots on, sheepy people.