US leadership's lunatic logic — if it was insane to start with, and very visibly not working — do more of it, ever more vigorously

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13 April 2023



When the United States figuratively sinks beneath . . .


. . . History's salty waves, will its disappearance represent a blessing for sane humanity?



Consider very recent instances of US lunacy


First — for the many Americans who cannot remember diddly squat — let's ignore the deadly fiascos represented by having lost one strategically failed (but massively Corporatocracy-profiting) war after another.


Instead, let us consider what is happening these days. We are in the midst of:



an also losing — massively immoral — proxy war that the United States started on purpose, in Ukraine


the accompanying (and now boomeranging) economic sanctions that we initiated against Russia, without thinking them through


an actively current attempt to incorporate China into our plans for provoking nuclear World War 3 —


as well as


(and equally telling with regard to our non-existent intelligence quotient)


the intentional destruction of the three-branch mechanics of the American Republic


that has been initiated by the people currently in power, here at home.



Let us focus on the latter . . .


. . . because it is such an excellently characterizing example of this country's belligerent mindlessness.


We can start this story in 2016. With the United States electing the crassest, most undisciplined, always self-sabotaging, toddler-acting narcissist to the presidency in 2016. Even after every one of those traits had been on public display for months prior to the election.



By way of excuse for 2016's attempt at self-inflicted national suicide — we can legitimately argue that Trump's she-witch-bitch opponent was qualitatively very much worse in every imaginable respect.


Even though her humanity-menacing traits were the result of gobs of self-discipline, as well as murderously minded non-toddler intent.



We followed 2016's best-of-bad-choices outcome by supposedly electing another guy — who disturbingly displayed obvious signs of dementia, as well as a long record of seemingly tangible corruption — to take Toddler Guy Trump's place in 2020.


Both elections presenting clear evidence that Americans have concluded that:







quasi-human abominations


are absolutely well-qualified


to lead the Federalist-created US republic.



Let's examine . . .


. . . this shit-slinging characteristic's effects.


Tentatively grant that the objectively astute among us accept that both American political parties operate as parallel-minded creatures of the fascistically oligarchical — corporatist-constructed — US Establishment.


Even so, in the not-so-distant past, neither one of those parties intentionally tried to tear the country asunder.


That, sadly or not, is not true anymore.


This new, structurally dismembering trend most obviously began with the Hillary Clinton-Deep State attempt to slime Toddler Guy Trump with 100-percent concocted proof that he was a Russian agent.


That nastily conceived ploy now continues in another form. With the Democratic Party's district attorney puppet in Manhattan — Alvin Bragg — bringing an indictment of former president Trump on legally weak, obviously politically intended and manipulated charges.


Stooge-man Bragg has even gone so far as to file suit against a member of Congress for having had the audacity to formally question (and propose to investigate) what Bragg is — arguably in bad prosecutorial faith — doing.


With all this, the Democratic Party doubly weaponized the American judicial system:



First, it went after Trump on weakly conceived, inflated legal charges.


And now, its prosecutorial stooge has filed more of the same against the political opposition that proposed to Congressionally investigate Bragg's nationally questionable prosecutorial conduct.



Overall, these Democratic Party stunts have become a dangerously lunatic form of unnecessarily setting one government branch against another.



The moral? — This is not going to end in nation-empowering fashion


Nihilistically-motivated destruction all around.


You can bet that the rest of the world is hoping that our national suicide will take Warmongering America off the world stage.


We Americans, of course, will feel differently.


Although I am at a despairing inability to suggest how we might alter History's evident course. Stupidly belligerent, constantly destructive people generally do themselves in.


Alack and alas. From sea to shining sea.


As both Great Waters metaphorically close above our influence-sinking heads.