US lapdogs, France and Germany — are weasel-working to vassalize the rest of Europe

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28 June 2023



I suppose the nuclear war . . .


. . . that American neocons are so busily trying to start, might have one inadvertently good outcome.


It would disembowel the pillaging globocapitalists who run the world, as well as their populations of ignorantly warmongering sheep.


Always a silver lining.



Consider those enslaving butchers' latest ploy


From EuroActiv:



France and Germany are confident that a partial institutional reform of the EU will be possible this year, the French and German ministers of state for Europe, Laurence Boone and Anna Lührmann, told EURACTIV in an exclusive interview.


The two countries are particularly looking into switching from unanimity voting to qualified majority voting in policy areas such as foreign policy or taxation to make the EU more agile before it admits new members to the bloc.


As there are currently eight candidate countries in the waiting room to join the bloc, Germany fears that without reforms, the EU would lose its capacity to act.


© 2023 Oliver Noyan, EU reform: France, Germany confident on reaching agreement this year, EuroActiv (23 June 2023)



Y'all see, don't you?


This latest German-French wisdom is aimed at extracting money from (by-then) completely vassalized smaller European states.


This enslavement to occur, so that Germany and France can further fuel the United States' geopolitically idiotic war with Russia. And/or with whomever else The Great Satan impulsively targets for destruction and blood-sucking.


A win-win for globocapitalist serf-makers. But not for anyone else.



One particularly disgusting aspect to all this is that . . .


Germany — the leader of the conniving Euro Domination Pair — set itself on the path to deindustrialization by enthusiastically cooperating with the United States' now boomeranging anti-Russia sanctions.


And equally, by ignoring — in appallingly cowardly fashion — the US-initiated destruction of Germany's own Nord Stream gas delivery pipelines.


Having done all this to its (literally moronic) suiciding self, it now wants to chain smaller European Union nations into financing the tottering German corpse.


Hitler himself, could not have dreamed more expansively.



The moral? — Russia is today fighting to save itself . . .


. . . and what was once a reasonably respect-worthy Western Civilization — from the putridly decadent American and European Union forces that are so violently addicted to destroying their own heritage(s).


This radically curious twist in History's bubbling course:



with Soviet-descended Federation Russians now dying


(in a necessarily incorporated, self-defensive side-product)


to preserve 'human' sovereignty


from neo-Nazi Ukraine's and Imperially Fascist America's attacks —


parallels (in ironic surprisingness)


the reverse moral spiral,


which has witnessed Israel


de-evolve into emulating


Judaism's Holocaust torturers


via Israel's state-sponsored


murder-prone, thieving actions.



Tangled surprises do not cease.


Know what's going on.


Remove propaganda-implanted nose rings — with Liberty's courage-demanding vengeance.