US is asking to be obliterated — Russia and China may eventually oblige

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27 July 2023



There is no bigger Adam Henry, than an American neocon


So consider what you might do, if you were on this receiving end of the following American behavior.


Here depicted, in excerpts, by geopolitical analyst Mike Whitney:



The United States has settled on a multi-pronged strategy to thwart China’s development and preserve America’s premier position in the global order.


The economic part of the plan is called “decoupling”, which refers to the selective blocking of China’s access to critical technology (particularly advanced semiconductors).


It is a blatant attempt to kneecap the Chinese economy by blocking access to vital technology. It is, quite clearly, an act of war, which even the administration’s allies at the New York Times openly admit.


The Biden Administration is making it impossible for China to acquire the advanced semiconductors they need to develop their Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputers.


This type of blockade is clearly not allowed under current WTO regulations but, then again, neither are the unilateral sanctions the US has arbitrarily imposed on more than 1,300 Chinese companies.


It is important to realize that this mainly ‘under-the-radar’ Tech-War is being waged at the same time the US continues to send political delegations to Taiwan (to challenge the “One China” policy), continues to strengthen anti-China coalitions in the Asia-Pacific, continues to provoke Beijing in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, continues to sell lethal arms to Taiwan, continues to increase its military presence in the region, continues to push for NATO’s “eastward expansion” to the Asia-Pacific, and continues to conduct its largest-ever “live-fire” military drills . . . in Western Australia.


© 2023 Mike Whitney, "Decoupling": Washington's Plan to Kneecap China's Economy, Unz Review (26 July 2023)



Nuke 'em dead . . .


. . . will eventually become the only sensible Chinese response.


No productively future-oriented people will want America's parasitic Vermin Herd chewing their hearts to death.



The moral? — Termination time looms


Sooner or later, for survival's sake, the world will rid itself of these — avariciously destruction-oriented, interminably blood-sucking — American neocons.


Read tea leaves and prepare.