US institutions — pusillanimous and morally self-eliminating, all

© 2023 Peter Free


28 August 2023



Recently, in the self-drowning United States


Most of profession-based medicine caved in unutterably cowardly fashion to science-lacking COVID tyrants.


And now, the legal profession is similarly groveling to the anti-Asange and anti-Trump American government conspiracy to eradicate Liberty.



Of this nation's decompositional stink


Lawyer Michael Lesher accurately wrote that:



I doubt whether . . . anyone . . . anticipated the insouciance of the Georgia district-attorney-turned-totalitarian-activist who, by indicting Donald Trump and at least four of his lawyers on racketeering charges this month, has devised a breathtakingly simple way to make lawyers vanish:


just send them to jail (along with their clients) for advocating a legal theory of which the Democratic Party disapproves.


The important point about this indictment is that lawyers are being charged with felonies for doing legal work.


An American prosecutor is criminalizing the legal profession – a business that can only end with the “totalitarian form of government” whose first steps Justice Stevens identified with the elimination of lawyers.


But the real news is the cowardice of the nation’s lawyers.


They should be rising up en masse to denounce the indictment – just as all reporters and their editors should be shouting from the rooftops in support of Assange.


After all, every lawyer has a duty to protect the legal system from subversion. And whatever you think of Trump . . . this indictment is an unconscionable attempt to strip the electoral process of judicial oversight by criminalizing unpopular legal challenges to election results.


Peel away all the flatulent rhetoric and the tedious repetition of details, and what’s left of the indictment is the claim that Trump and his lawyers are criminals because – and only because – they offered the government and the courts an unpersuasive legal theory for challenging the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.


If they can be convicted for that, the rule of law in the US political system is at an end.


© 2023 Michael Lesher, The Real Trouble with the Trump Indictment, Brownstone Institute (28 August 2023)



Exactly and obviously so.



The moral? — Moral cowardice describes virtually the entirety of the American institutional experience


As I have concluded before, no one intelligent, rational and who possesses a shred of moral integrity — will miss us, when our national suicide proves successful.