US congress will invite Zionism's genocidal maniac Netanyahu — to address our like-minded Legislative Branch

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24 March 2024



The official United States has no moral merit left


We are a nation of propagandized ignoramuses. Who are completely controlled by a warmongering herd of slavering psychopaths.


Consider, for example, the American Congress. Bipartisan in its support of the Israel's quasi-genocide of Palestinians in Gaza:



House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress.


"I would love to have him come in and address a joint session of Congress. We'll certainly extend that invitation" to Netanyahu, Johnson said on CNBC's Squawk Box.


[Not to be left out, Senate Majority Leader Schumer said that:]


"Israel has no stronger ally than the United States and our relationship transcends any one president or any one Prime Minister.


"I will always welcome the opportunity for the Prime Minister of Israel to speak to Congress in a bipartisan way," [Chuck] Schumer said in a written statement following Johnson discussing his plans for an invitation.


© 2024 Deirdre Walsh, Speaker Johnson to invite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to address Congress, NPR (21 March 2024)



Morally speaking


This is, in exact principle, like inviting 1939-1945's Adolf Hitler to tell Congress how he planned to get rid of Jewish people. And then happily providing him with American money and weapons to further the endeavor.



The moral? — The magnitude of the United States' transformation into literal Satanism . . .


. . . is astonishing.


If ever a national leadership deserved power-extinguishing removal, so as to genuinely benefit humankind, it is ours.