US citizen Gonzalo Lira's situation in Ukraine demonstrates — the terror — of being netted by America's Nazi-coddling empire

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01 August 2023



Those of you with international travel experience . . .


. . . may be able to imagine yourselves in Ukraine prisoner Gonzalo Lira's out-on-bail situation in Ukraine.


He is charged with a purported crime that (his fellow prisoners assured him) will result in an 8 year sentence to forced labor camp. Where, given his frail health, he will die.


Lira experienced a taste of his labor camp future, when prison guards got jail prisoners to beat and torture him, so as to get access to his bank accounts.


Yesterday, he made a three part video of his intention to cross into Hungary and request political asylum.


He made the video, while roughly 5 kilometers from the crossing point. His fate, death or life, looms in that visual communication's real time offing.


Movie stuff, in scarily real life.





Gonzalo Lira—Again, I'm About to Cross The Border 1/3, YouTube (31 July 2023)


Part 2 is here.


Part 3 is here.



Political prisoner


Lira committed free opinion speech in a 100 percent corrupt, totalitarian, Nazi-controlled country.


He documented the Ukraine indictment on twitter. See here.


Notice pertinently, that the United States did nothing to get its own citizen out of Ukraine's speech-squashing hands.


All the release would have taken was a phone call from our Department of State.



No more money and arms for you, Zelensky, until you fly Lira back to the United States.



Lira's imprisonment in Ukraine — one of the United States' many puppet states — and the United States' lack of action in getting him released — demonstrates the worthlessness of being a free-speech American citizen in our neocon fascist national times.



Details — why bail?


On his video, Lira wonders whether his release on bail was Ukrainian encouragement for him to exit the place.



Ukraine surprisingly returned at least one of his two passports, US and Chilean.


And his captors skipped bail's customary ankle monitor.



Even if granting bail was a Ukrainian ploy to get rid of him, Ukraine could change its mind and issue an international arrest warrant for him at any time.


The cruel half-assed-ness of this whole thing, illustrates the legally and morally contemptible quality of both Ukrainian and American authorities.



For added situational flavor . . .


. . . consider fascist America's wide net.


Lira's three part video discusses his choice of Hungary, as the only Ukraine-bordering nation likely to consider his application for political asylum with some seriousness.


The rest of the European Union (also being US puppets) would, he thought, likely turn him back over to Ukraine.


Lira considered trying to make it into Russia. Only about 40 kilometers from where he first started out on his Kharkov (Kharkiv) bail journey.


However, trying to cross a 1,000 kilometer long, mined military front — with no way of communicating with the Russians — seemed too daunting.



Consider the implications . . .


. . . of having nowhere to run to.


If Lira makes it into Hungary, what happens if they turn him away?



Ukrainian labor-death camp.



This is why I mentioned the worthlessness of his US citizenship.


The United States no longer stands for free speech.


Instead, we are all about militarily assisting Ukro-Nazis and shutting up people, who disagree with the United States' newly embraced totalitarian ways.



No more First Amendment for y'all, anymore


In or out of this country.



The moral? — Put yourselves in Gonzalo Lira's shoes


And wonder what happened to the Founder's ambitions for our nation.


For those of you with contacts and influence in Hungary, please make some calls on Lira's behalf.


Recall Martin Niemöller's dictum.