US ambassador to China — another belligerent American dumbass — stirring up trouble for its own sake

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04 March 2023



If you do not understand your host nation's culture . . .


. . . and cannot speak persuasively to it — in its own language and in at least rough accord with its customs — you should not be an ambassador.


Yet below, is a quote from yet another quintessentially belligerent, braindead American pretend-diplomat — who is intentionally stirring up chaos-producing trouble with China:



In a video released Tuesday by NBC News, Nicholas Burns, the US Ambassador to China, who spoke by video link at a US Chamber of Commerce event, said Beijing must accept that Washington is a leader in Asia.


He declared that China must now understand that "the US is staying in this region - we're the leader in this region in many ways."


What the US politician said implies two messages. First, he seems to criticize China for not understanding US' presence in the Asia-Pacific. Second, Burns wants Beijing to acknowledge Washington's leadership in the region. Yet, both are far from the truth.


Washington has always had the strategic miscalculation:


It believes Beijing wants to push it out of the Asia-Pacific region. But China not only recognizes US' presence in the area, but also seeks peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation with the US on the premise of mutual respect.


What Beijing refuses is to be led by anyone else, including Washington.


"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't," said former UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher.


From this, we know how powerless and ridiculous it is when the US tries to persuade others by repeating, "I am still a leader, and you have to believe and admit it!"


© 2023 Global Times, Powerless and ridiculous for US to cry for its recognition as regional leader, (02 March 2023) (sentences resequenced for point-making clarity)



Formerly slapped around by western colonial powers . . .


. . . the last thing China will do now is accept a neocon braggart from the United States telling the People's Republic what to do.



Do notice . . .


. . . how skillfully the government-directed authors of the Global Time's review (of Burns' hoof-footed stupidity) inserted a point-making aphorism lifted directly from our own Anglo-Saxon culture.



On the one hand . . .


. . . we have a blusterer like Burns, saying provocative things to the nation that hosts him.


And on the other, we witness a masterfully communicative statement — framed in America's own cultural idiom — coming from the faraway nation that US neocon stumble-bums (like Burns) regularly outrage.



Who do you think is eventually going to win . . .


. . . this US-instigated, strategically unnecessary confrontation?



The skillfully observant, productively oriented Chinese?


Or cluelessly unaware, nihilism-fostering American neocons?



The moral? — Having strategically lost . . .


. . . every significant war (of the ridiculously many) that the United States started over the last many decades, the US has also abandoned doing legitimate diplomacy.


Talk about a nation headed for the wanna-be-king trash pile.


Cowpie splat on a windshield is less obvious.