US Vilnius NATO delegation was reportedly 'furious' — when nazi-boy Zelensky tacitly called them cowards

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12 July 2023



Can we hide our yellow tails?


The corrupt, perennially coke-snorting Ukro-Nazi — (and morally obscenely, a Jewish one at that)— Volodymyr Zelensky — is finally waking up to having been played:



The US delegation attending the NATO summit in Vilnius is “furious” over a tweet by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, in which he criticized the military alliance for its reluctance to provide a concrete roadmap for Kiev’s accession to the bloc, the Washington Post reported.


On Tuesday, Zelensky wrote on Twitter that he had been informed that the final text of a statement issued at the summit would not include a timeline for Ukraine’s membership of NATO.


He called this omission “unprecedented and absurd,” and suggested that “indecisiveness” on the issue was a sign of “weakness” in the US-led military alliance.


Zelensky claimed that Kiev’s Western backers had decided “to bargain Ukraine’s membership in NATO in negotiations with Russia.”


© 2023 Azerbaycan24, US delegation ‘furious’ over Zelensky tweet – WaPo, (12 July 2023)



Not exactly, Volodymyr


In truth:



The American NATO demons are just playing for time.


So that y'all Ukies will be completely squashed, no sooner than results of November 2024's US presidential election are in.


This schedule being imposed, so that 'Dead Brain' Biden — and the Democratic Party-controlled Deep State that sock-puppets him — will not have to (politically inconveniently) admit that tangling with Russia was as bad an idea, as our botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was.


Realistically speaking, after November 2024, no one cares whether you (or Ukraine) still exist.


The fact that probably 350,000 to 500,000 Ukrainian military will have been accumulatively slaughtered by then — due to circumstances entirely initiated by the United States — will bother no one (prominent) living in the Land of the Great Satan.


American neocon leadership 'manfully' maintains that, pawns die — as a matter of birthright.



How does it feel, Zelensky . . .


. . . you prancing Nazi-controlled prick — to have been out-stooged by even more soullessly corrupt, and grossly cowardly, manipulators than you are?



Consider the following point


This one coming from another of the West's demonstrations of strutting spinelessness, NATO head Jens Stoltenberg — that perennial embarrassment to Norway's allegedly honorable stalwartness:



We agree that NATO’s door is open. We agree that Ukraine will become a member which is an important message.


And then we agree that it's for the NATO Allies and Ukraine to decide when the time is right and not for Russia to have a veto.


And then the most urgent task, and all Allies agree on that, is that we will stand by Ukraine. We will provide support to Ukraine for as long as it takes.


Because unless Ukraine wins this war, there's no membership issue to be discussed at all. And that's the reason why Allies are stepping up and providing donations, military support, in an unprecedented way.


© 2023 North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Pre-Summit press conference by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the NATO Summit in Vilnius, (07 July 2023)



So, y'all see that . . .


Ukraine has to win this war, which NATO provoked (on purpose) right down to expending its last Ukrainian man, woman, baby or child.





Who in the Glorious West could have foreseen such a painful and ignominious end to so many hundreds of thousands of haplessly sacrificed Ukrainian souls?


Such a conundrum.


Thus — try harder, Ukraine — say the satanically governed United States and its voluntarily self-enslaved NATO minions.



Moon of Alabama sums the situation, this way


'Bernhard' wrote that:



The little comedian seems disappointed. As if the whole play had not been obvious from the very beginning.


Since 2008 the Ukraine was to be used as a tool to nag Russia. It is otherwise of little value.


It will end up as a discarded rag while NATO will, in the end, again recognize the Russian Federation as the super power that that it is. NATO will have to relearn to listen to and negotiate with it.


Now lets wait and see what NATO's climb down will do to the morale and motivations of the Ukrainian army and people.


© 2023 Moon of Alabama, NATO's Big Climb Down, (11 July 2023)



The moral? — Be smarter than pillaging cowards?


Common sense, for the most part, is completely lacking in our collective West. And society-founded courage fled out the door, some decades ago.


The morally and intellectually abysmal quality of American leadership is a 100 percent embarrassment to the United States' Founders.


It is unlikely that History has ever generated a more dismal comparison between high quality and its blatant opposite.


Ergo, we can propose at least one basic rule for human decency:



If you are going to lead, lead from the front.