US House of Representatives goes braindead totalitarian — anti-Zionism, it says, is antisemitism

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06 December 2023



US has become Zionist Israel's money-captured slave-dog


So much for the First Amendment and Americans' capacity to think.


Yesterday — in H. RES. 894 — the first session of the 118th Congress's House of Representatives resolved:



That the House of Representatives —


(4) clearly and firmly states that anti-Zionism is antisemitism . . . .



In other words


According to the House of Representatives — being Jewish means that one is also, inherently — an imperially minded, territory-grabbing and slaughter-instigating person.


And (by necessary implication) one cannot distinguish between humanely inclined Jewish folks and the murdering psychotics, who now head Israel.




By your attributed race and culture shall we praise and judge ye — says Congress — and not by your acts.



Further contemplate that . . .


. . .  the House vote was an intellectually and morally lopsided:



Yea: 311


Nay: 14


Present: 92


Not Voting: 17



Thus, the idiots in favor of equating two non-equating concepts substantially outnumbered everyone else — 311 to 123.


How's that for characterizing the tyrannically nitwit collection of mental and moral incompetents, who now comprise almost all of American governance?



The moral? — The United States has been gobbled by Satanic anti-Constitutionalists


Gather your resistance.