UK rams its own ships, during Operation Prosperity Guardian — and more or less simultaneously advertises for a Navy outsider to lead its nuclear submarine force

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20 January 2024



Western ridiculousness never stops


The West's collection of American-led stooges keeps trying to start wars all over the place.


But the United States and its Vassal Stooge Collection are too inept and too absent in manufacturing capacity to win any of them.



Consider the United Kingdom


While sending two warships to Bahrain — so as to attack the genocide-opposing Houthis in Yemen, under the auspices of the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian — the Royal Navy managed to crash two of those ships into each other.


On video no less:



© 2024 The Telegraph, Royal Navy warships collide off coast of Bahrain, YouTube (embedded video)



Not only do we have the UK . . .


. . . as an slaughtering enforcer of Palestinian genocide.


We also have to view it as a grossly incompetent driver of sea-going war vessels.


All told, quite a nauseating package of purported civilizational excellence.



Then, there's the Royal Navy's additional inability to fill its own pitifully small ranks


This following example (of hysterical ineptitude) is hilarious, considering that it occurs in one of the planet's most consistently war-fomenting, neocon-led national leaderships:



Navy chiefs have been forced to advertise for a rear-admiral on LinkedIn, in an unprecedented move that has exposed significant recruitment gaps in the submarine service.


The chosen candidate will replace Rear-Admiral Simon Asquith as director of submarines and will be responsible for “elite operations” and the nation’s nuclear deterrent, according to the advertisement.


© 2024 Larisa Brown, Royal Navy forced to advertise for rear-admiral on LinkedIn, The Times (05 January 2024)



In other words


Let's start wars with Russia, China, Iran —and everyone else in the Middle East.


And then advertise for barely trained people to lead and fight them.


With weapons that we do not have. And cannot make at a rapid enough pace.



The moral? — Based on these and other daily surfacing facts . . .


. . . only a fully crumbled — and morally defunct — civilization would not recognize just how murderously idiotic it has become.


In short — the West is worm-filled bag of psychotic stooges, who are increasingly tempted to play with nukes — as a last resort to win the conflicts that they intentionally start and started.