Trump said something smart, against CNN pushback, about ending the war in Ukraine — I give him high points for that

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12 May 2023



Part of former president Donald Trump's appeal . . .


. . .to many reasonable people is his willingness to occasionally buck the Neocon Line.



Below . . .


Watch him shut CNN's characteristic Nazi-supporting, Ukraine-oriented warmongering down.


In this instance, CNN took the form of jingoistic Kaitlan Collins, who repeatedly talked over Trump's attempted responses to her questions, foolishly continuing to ask him whether he wanted Russia or Ukraine to win the current war.


Trump responded in surprisingly ethical and diplomatically effective fashion:



I don't think in terms of winning and losing.


I think in terms of getting this thing settled, so we stop killing all these people.



CNN, Trump won't say whether he wants Russia or Ukraine to win war, YouTube (10 May 2023)



J.D. Vance tweeted that Trump's position amounted to statesmanship


I agree.


My main quarrel with Trump has generally been his inability — due to arrogance, lack of self-discipline and having chosen the wrong people to populate his presidential administration — to follow through with implementing his often factually correct, common sense-based solutions to issues that both political parties aggravate on purpose.


Therefore, even with the above listed, probably uncorrectable character and presidential performance flaws — seeing him bury a fool like CNN's Collins is refreshing.


I call Collins a fool because she obviously wanted Trump to say that one side or the other should win the war:



Ukraine, in accord with the National Uni-Party Warmonger's Line




Russia, so that Russiagate's concocted false accusations about Trump being Putin's puppet could live on — with CNN's enthusiastic assistance.



All of this occurring, under circumstances in which a genuinely insightful interviewer would have asked Trump (instead) to clarify how he could end the slaughter in only 24 hours.


Consider that such a quick conclusion to the conflict that the United States intentionally fostered would constitute a diplomatic triumph of historically impressive dimensions.


And for someone (like Trump), who has a long-demonstrated inability to follow through on his promises, being asked to delineate how this particular war-ending solution would come to pass so quickly — would reveal whether the former president had ruminated about his past presidential failures and, as a result of that self-reflection — come up with self-correcting ways to do better, if he is elected again.


Instead of embarking on that sort of insight-filled, polite probing — Collins decided that being aggressively disrespectful, impatient and missing significantly more contextually pertinent points would suit her Establishment-aimed ambition better.


Stupidly rude, she continued to be.


This sort of mind-lacking performance is typical of the putridly immoral, constantly lying morass that American media have become.



The moral? — Trump's anti-establishment appeal is (visibly) not yet dead


Which, naturally, is why the Deep State Corporatocracy is so determined to hound him.


And equally, why many of us — even those who recognize his unfortunately self-sinking flaws — wish him, in the absence of other more genuine National Insanity Reformers, success against the Worser Weasels, who populate the United States' top ranks.


At least former president Trump still — sometimes — speaks out against the murder-prone thieving parasites, who currently lead the nation.


In our contemplation of Trump's continuing appeal, we must accept that — when the ship is sinking and nothing works to fill its self-made holes — it is mildly pleasurable to see someone giving the ship's Idiot Captain and Crew a piece of our many minds.


And thus, the Oligarchy-created distractions (Trump included) that will permanently end American Liberty, continue.


At least we will be entertained, as we begin sucking water down our last breath's self-strangled windpipe.