Trump people are upset with the rigged US system — crush them with more of the same — hints the Deep State Establishment

© 2023 Peter Free


12 June 2023



Richly typical of American domestic propaganda


From the New York Times — arguably the Deep State's most eminent propaganda voice:



The federal indictment of former President Donald Trump has unleashed a wave of calls by his supporters for violence and an uprising to defend him, disturbing observers and raising concerns of a dangerous atmosphere before his court appearance in Miami on Tuesday.


In social media posts and public remarks, close allies of Trump — including a member of Congress — have portrayed the indictment as an act of war, called for retribution and highlighted the fact that much of his base carries weapons.


The allies have painted Trump as a victim of a weaponized Justice Department controlled by President Joe Biden, his potential opponent in the 2024 election.


The calls to action and threats have been amplified on right-wing media sites and have been met by supportive responses from social media users and cheers from crowds, who have become conditioned over several years by Trump and his allies to see any efforts to hold him accountable as assaults against him.


Experts on political violence warn that attacks against people or institutions become more likely when elected officials or prominent media figures are able to issue threats or calls for violence with impunity.


The pro-Trump mob that attacked the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was drawn to Washington in part by a post on Twitter from Trump weeks earlier, promising that it would be “wild.”


© 2023 Michael S. Schmidt, Alan Feuer, Maggie Haberman and Adam Goldman, Trump Supporters’ Violent Rhetoric in His Defense Disturbs Experts, New York Times (10 June 2023)



So y'all see . . .


The fact that that Democrats have, indeed, weaponized the Department of Justice to go after Trump — for offenses that Biden and the Clinton Gang have broadly similarly done (probably in excess of even Trump) — should not matter on the Fairness and Justice Scale.


The Democratic Party and the Deep State Establishment fervently emphasize that Trump is not above the law. Even though the Biden-Clinton Gang, and all their predecessors, are and were.


To hammer home the supposedly absolute justice of its fearmongering, the New York Times' propaganda piece trots in sporadic accounts of rhetoric-based "calls to action and threats".


All of those anti-civilizational horrors being purportedly now common among the (tacitly known to be) barbarically primitive American Right Wing. Which, for some inexplicable reason, does not get the same US-sponsored Nazi-loving support that Ukro-Nazis daily receive to the tune of billions-squared dollars and active US military assistance. That also, with the New York Times' trumpeted approval.


We can conclude that no sheep-corralling hypocrisy is too deep for the American Establishment — including the Times — to swallow and re-spout.



And — OMG! — "experts"


Just to be sure that We the People cower in accord with the Times' forecast of a violent explosion — presumably to be comprised of conspiring White Supremacist, anti-LGTB louts — the Times' authors trot in "experts", so as to further enhance the propaganda blurb's believability.


You know, "experts".


Very probably the same Batch of Elitist Dopes, who so thoroughly mangled and tyrannized the COVID outbreak — on purpose and for profit.



The moral? — On the one hypothetical hand . . .


. . . the more that the Deep State's anti-Trump, anti-populist nonsense continues — the more likely it is that Thomas Jefferson's Liberty-preserving serial prescription for "the blood of patriots and tyrants" will finally take place.


Pertinent to this, are you ever made curious by the fact that the American Deep State's approach to everything is to double-down and make foreseeably painful things more — rather than less — likely to happen?



Consider the United States' idiotically aggressive foreign policy that now guarantees the demise of the petro-dollar, along with the now vanishing power that we Americans formerly wielded (as a result of said dollar's status).


Or the United States' suicidally moronic attempts to start nuclear World War 3 with Russia, China, Iran and/or whomever else becomes our stigmatized flavor of the day.



Here, I mention again — because it is so indicative of our American military industrial culture's avaricious insanity — US government's ethically outrageous 21st century attempts to reverse World War 2's erasure of Untermenschen-obliterating Nazi tyranny.


Thus today, in a betrayal of moral decency, we go all-out to spawn and support a pro-Nazi endeavor in Ukraine, as against the still Nazi-fighting Russians.


Society-murdering lunacy and deliberately sown chaos, best describe the 21st century US experience.


The sooner our currently reigning US Deep State Establishment is out of power, the better it will be for morality, liberty and Americans generally.


Nevertheless — and on the other hypothetical hand — I remain pessimistic:



As a supposed American culture, we have (arguably intentionally) been breeding courage, awareness and liberty-love out of ourselves.


Replacing those qualities with the fear-prone lassitude and Big Daddy-worship that characterizes easily manipulated serfs.



This is not a recipe for Jeffersonian enslavement cleansing.


It appears unlikely that our (arguably) overly diverse — always quarreling — American population is going to do anything remotely societally useful about anything, ever.


Should we embrace gangrenous demise?