Should we let Western civilization dismember and gut itself — so as to preserve Humanity's hope for wellbeing?

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11 December 2023



Answer — very probably so


Kevin Barrett accurately summed the state of psychotic Western civilization.


Here, slightly reformatted for online reading clarity:



In case you hadn’t noticed, the liberal media, and the liberal Establishment behind it, hates “right-wing extremists.”


Since 2016, when Trump was elected on a control-the-borders platform, “right-wing extremism” has replaced “Islamic terrorism” as the new bogeyman.


Don’t like mandatory vaccines and COVID lockdowns? You’re a “right-wing extremist” and deserve to be censored.


Don’t like censorship? You’re defending “right-wing extremists” so you must be one yourself.


Don’t like the war on Russia? You must be a “right-wing extremist” like Putin, who is the new Hitler because he doesn’t like LGBTQ indoctrination and mandatory sex change surgery for toddlers.


The logic goes something like this:


Right-wing extremists are Nazis. Nazis, as we all know, commit genocide.


Therefore, if we allow extremists to support border control, oppose war on Russia, speak their minds without censorship, and practice alternative medicine instead of masking and jabbing, one thing will lead to another and pretty soon they’ll be committing genocide.


You might say it’s the new domino theory.


What makes the whole thing even crazier is that there are really only two places on Earth where “right-wing extremist Nazis” are committing genocide: Israel under fuhrer Netanyahu, and Ukraine under fuhrer Zelenksy.


But the liberal media, despite its ostensible hatred of right-wing extremist Nazis, supports both genocides!


Zelinsky’s effort to murder and expel the Russian-speaking people of Eastern Ukraine, and obliterate the culture of any who remain, is a textbook case of genocide, and a direct descendant of Hitler’s lebensraum project with its planned murder and expulsion of millions of Slavs.


And Netanyahu’s even bloodier attempt to murder and expel the Palestinians is orders of magnitude worse—probably worse than anything Hitler ever did.


These two regimes are the apotheosis of everything pro-tolerance, anti-racist, pro-multiculturalism liberals profess to hate.


And yet the liberal Establishment loves them, and even runs nonstop pro-genocide propaganda on their behalf.


Whatever can those liberals be thinking?


© 2023 Kevin Barrett, Why Is the Liberal Media Inciting Genocide?, Unz Review (09 December 2023)



Of course, Kevin Barrett's "liberals" are not thinking


"Those liberals" are transparently mindless, profoundly ignorant and viciously arrogant.


Being all those things, they are easily bribed and propagandized by the — even nastier scumbags —who directly benefit from the Military Industrial Complex's organized slaughter.


No big mystery there:



Western civilization's core mass is preponderantly dominated by easily manipulated, humility-lacking, empty-headed and generally cowardly sheep.


Whose only genuinely notable historical characteristic is the combined mass's cancerous soul-destroying quality.



The West — and its controllers — have become the definition of an anti-civilization.



Below is just one illuminating example of . . .


. . . similar cultural self-destruction in the United States proper.


Remember George Floyd's alleged murder-based ascent to purported sainthood?


It was based on a lie.


A nihilistically motivated, propagandized untruth that arguably made American culture worse than it had been.


Glenn Loury and John McWhorter, men of intellectual integrity, document their paths from first believing the Floyd Myth — and vehemently arguing in its favor — to eventually disbelieving it.


Their change of mind and heart being based on facts revealed in the Alpha News documentary entitled The Fall of Minneapolis:



The Glenn Show, The Truth about George Floyd's Death — Glenn Loury & John McWhorter, YouTube (08 December 2023)



What is most significant about the Loury-McWhorter analysis is their well-detailed awakening to the gross proportions of the societally damaging duplicity — and far-ranging practical consequences — involved in the Establishment's concocted, facts-denying and deliberately misinterpreted Floyd event.


Societal corruption emblazoned in metaphorical neon for all to, nevertheless, ignore.



The moral? — Self-respecting human beings would 'Nuremburg' us in self-defense


Thereby, providing a deservedly ignominious end to the West's intentionally created, careening, virtually always untruthful — hollowness.