Sheep so stupid, that they happily strangle themselves — Is the United States "a country of fat morons"?

© 2024 Peter Free


12 February 2024



Meta has banned a head of state . . .


. . . from its increasingly mentally and morally worthless platform.


Evidently, it is not Paul Craig Roberts' two named "Agents of Satan" — Israel and the United States — who need banning, but instead, the head guy of comparatively harmless Iran.


Whose country — we can historically reliably note — is noticeably not quasi-genociding anyone. Unlike the aforementioned duo of Beelzebubians.



In examining this Devil's Romp . . .


. . . through our supposedly 'human' Western civilization, Andrew Anglin — often reviled for his enthusiastically indulged and startling biases — concluded that:



America is a stupid country. It is a country of fat morons. No one is able to grasp anything abstract. No one can understand the underlying principles of freedom of speech.


The concept that these fatties miss is that the United States’ governmental system is based around free and open debate. The nation was founded on this principle, and it has always been considered necessary in order to maintain a liberal government system.


Without freedom of political speech, there is nothing but corruption, and it is only the corrupt that would seek to limited freedom of speech.


This is what we’ve seen:


[T]he Democrats wanted to limit speech for their corrupt election swindle, then their corrupt coronavirus hoax, then their corrupt war in the Ukraine.


Just so, when the Republicans want to do a dirty war in the Middle East, they also demand speech be clamped down on.


Whether you support a liberal government system or not, these systems have worked in the past, but they have only done so while allowing individual political liberties. If you remove the freedom of the individual, a democracy becomes a tyranny, immediately.


The US government is tyrannical. Both parties now avidly support the extreme suppression of the population, when it comes to the corrupt agendas that they are pushing.


Americans themselves cannot grasp the nature of the government under which they live, so they cannot understand the value of free speech.


© 2024 Andrew Anglin, Following Senate Hearing, Ayatollah Banned from Facebook and Instagram, Unz Review (10 February 2024)



Arguably true enough


Even if, statistically speaking, the US is not predominantly filled with literally "fat morons".


Certainly, we behave as such. Which makes Anglin's metaphor reasonably accurate. And, when contemplated to any depth, that much more concerning.


In short, we have become a nation of sheep happily strangling ourselves — so as to mindlessly further the murderous pillaging of our masters.


Even 'lowly' roaches would (debatably) have more survival sense.



Civilizational 'self-strangling' goes geographically farther


Returning to Paul Craig Roberts' observations — here in excerpts, with my additions inside brackets:



The Western governments, immoral to the hilt and all enthralled to Israel, have redefined genocide as self-defense.


The United States and Israel have achieved the status of pariah states, the agents of Satan.


Why, despite this realization, does the rest of the world sit watching the destruction of a people, as Romans watched for entertainment lions devouring Christians in the Colosseum?


Russia, China, Iran, and the rest [—] with the exception of South Africa, which took Israel to the International Court of Justice [—] have not lifted a finger to help the Palestinians.


Washington claims to protest but keeps sending Israel the weapons.


This [global inaction occurring] despite the fact that the governments of Russia, China, and Iran know that the real target is them.


If Putin and Xi and the Iranians think that they can sit out the conflict, they are mistaken.


You cannot sit out a conflict that is directed at you.


© 2024 Paul Craig Roberts, Peaceful Protests Are a Waste of Time and Energy, (11 February 2024)






The moral? — We could conclude that the metaphorical "fat morons" characteristic . . .


. . . spans the planet.


Humanity is (arguably) too short-sighted to recognize a genuine survival issue, when and where it should see one.


We are thus, very likely, too dumb to survive as a species.


And in a peripheral, but still pertinent regard — is there such a thing as 'dumb-shaming the masses'?



Surely, Wokies will be able to come up with something claiming that categorizing 'dumbasses' — as being definitionally such — is morally worse, than engaging in the literal quasi-genocides that we claim not to see.



And thus, the lazy lack of even minimally intelligent perception proceeds across the planet.