Senator Chris Murphy illogically indicted Texas law enforcement's cowardly response to the Uvalde school shooting of two years ago —so as to make his anti-gun pitch

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20 June 2024



According to the Democratic wing . . .


. . . of the oligarchic United States Uni-Party — when police are cowardly, incompetent and not doing their jobs — as they were in Uvalde's Robb Elementary school shooting of 24 May 2022 — Congress should take away American citizens' guns so that we have no protection at all.





Genuinely imbecilic thinking


The following reversal of logically applied common sense diarrhea'd (a verb) itself out of Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy's mouth on the anniversary of the Uvalde mass murder:



What happened that day at Robb Elementary School is a disgrace.


We will never understand – I will never understand – the grief and pain of those parents who lost kids that day, who watched 376 armed officers wait an hour and 17 minutes to confront that gunman.


What we can do is make a decision to not simply avert our eyes from what happened that day because it’s what’s easier; but instead, study and learn from this tragedy.


Flooding our schools and our communities with more guns won’t solve the problem. It won’t stop the next Uvalde. What will keep our kids safe is keeping guns, especially the most dangerous guns, out of the hands of dangerous people.


Congress has the power – right now – to do something about it. We could start, for instance, by responding to last week’s Supreme Court decision and passing legislation to ban the conversion of semi-automatic weapons into machine guns.


Our kids would be safer, undoubtedly, if it was harder for a deranged psychopath to get their hands on a banned automatic weapon.


The majority of Americans are on our side. They want Congress to act, to pass things like universal background checks, to pass [a ban on] bump stocks. They’re sick of us learning the wrong lesson every time tragedy strikes. And it’s never too late for this time to be different.


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Murphy's intent, translated


In our failed society:



in which police too frequently do not (or cannot) do their jobs




Government actively encourages legalized grift, graft, theft, murder, extortion, genocide, proxy wars and murder-strewn pillaging


as well as


enthusiastically furthering Elites' unbridled parasitism of everything that lives . . .



. . . citizens should (nevertheless) be deprived of their right to protect themselves.


That deprivation being necessary, so as to permit these Elites-instigated horrors to continue.



The moral? —  "Blood of patriots and tyrants"


Thomas Jefferson remains conceptually pertinent to our morally and intellectually crumbling times.