Secretary of State Antony Blinken claims that Russia has lost the Ukraine War — what will History say?

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04 June 2023



Is Antony Blinken . . .


. . . (one of the United States' historically most incompetent secretaries of state ever) proudly uncaring as to History's eventual judgment of his miserably lyin' ass?



Here is what Secretary Blinken . . .


. . . told the Finns in Helsinki:



The Kremlin often claimed it had the second-strongest military in the world, and many believed it.


Today, many see Russia’s military as the second-strongest in Ukraine.  Its equipment, technology, leadership, troops, strategy, tactics, and morale, a case study in failure . . . .


Meanwhile, sanctions and export controls imposed by the United States, the European Union, and other partners around the world have severely degraded Russia’s war machine and defense exports, setting them back for years to come.


Russia’s global defense partners and customers can no longer count on promised orders, let alone spare parts.  And as they witness Russia’s poor performance on the battlefield, they are increasingly taking their business elsewhere.


Fourth, President Putin wanted to build Russia up as a global, economic power.  His invasion cemented his long-running failure to diversify Russia’s economy, to strengthen its human capital, to fully integrate the country into the global economy.


Today, Russia’s economy is a shadow of what it was, and a fraction of what it could have become had Putin invested in technology and innovation rather than weapons and war.


© 2023 U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Russia, Speech by Secretary Blinken: “Russia’s Strategic Failure and Ukraine’s Secure Future”, (02 June 2023) (Helsinki, Finland)



If you reverse the anti-Russia thrust of Blinken's comments . . .


. . . and, instead, apply them to NATO, Western Europe and the United States — you come much closer to approximating truth.


Blinken, we can presume (given his ready access to intelligence information) knows this.


Neverthesss, he seems bent on keeping the astonishingly silly Finns on board with their wish to join a haplessly declining, ineffectual — but still resolutely warmongering — NATO alliance.



Do notice that . . .


Blinken's truth-obliterating Helsinki speech comes at the very time that the planet's most rapidly fading hegemon (the United States):



is thoroughly demonstrating itself to be incapable


of competently supplying Ukraine


with enough provisions to keep itself going


in the very war that America's neocon leadership provoked


on Ukraine's self-annihilating


intentionally US coup-installed


neo-Nazi behalf.



That comprises quite a string of American errors.


Yet somehow — in spite of the easily visible declines in American power and common sense — Finland and Sweden still think it wise to join NATO's lunacy forever game.


Thereby, we can deduce, inexplicably wanting to model Germany's spineless, deindustrializing self-destruction at the United States' (Nord Stream-blowing up) behest.


All things considered, this is a 'join me in suicide' performance on everyone's part.


Jim Jones' Kool-Aid troupe would be proud.


And poisoned Kool-Aid acolyte, Secretary of State Blinken — apparently uncaring about History's ultimate conclusion regarding his always truth-shredding performances — continues blithely on. Happily helping to generate the United States' never-ending Fog of Lies.



Consider future historians' assessment . . .


. . . of these and similar events:



The United States' Biden, Blinken, Sullivan, Nuland, Austin and Milley


including the entirety of Congress


and the Neocon Swarm


(to which they all belong)


have successfully managed


(in only two and a half years)


to unite Russia and China


the world's most capable military land power


with the world's largest and generally most capable manufacturing economy


against the United States.



And — to this momentum-gathering pile of arguably well-deserved anti-Western enmity — these same US neocons are now deliberately adding the entirety of BRICS, as well as its burgeoning list of applicants.


Geopolitical moves of such gargantuan Western strategic imbecility could not have been imagined beforehand.



The moral? — Avarice and personal power-seeking have 'bribed' US neocons . . .


. . . into becoming traitors to the United States' national future.


A less lethargic electorate would have managed to prevent these bad leadership choices from reaching the stage of national self-destruction that we are experiencing today.


We the People's failure in this regard, says nothing complimentary about the asserted quality of American character. Nor about the purported efficiency of the United States' supposed democracy.


Lady Liberty's integrity lamp has gone gone out because figuratively no one bothered to fuel it.


This is what Thomas Jefferson meant about necessary fertilization of freedom's integrity-nurturing soil with the "blood of patriots and tyrants".


No blood, no soil, no liberty, no peace.


Instead, a constant rain (and reign) of the American Oligarchy's — war-profiteering, lies-manufacturing, constantly murdering — despot-devils.