The United States in a nutshell — rich San Franciscans are using a GoFundMe campaign to raise money — to be used to— prevent a homeless shelter from coming to their neighborhood

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29 March 2019



This is so deeply rich — in providing American cultural insight


From CBS 5 in San Francisco:



Mayor London Breed’s proposal to open a navigation center for the homeless along San Francisco’s Embarcadero has prompted opponents to raise tens of thousands of dollars to potentially fight the project in court.


Calling themselves “Safe Embarcadero for All,” the group launched a GoFundMe page last week, with the goal of raising $100,000 for legal counsel. [See that appeal here.]


As of Thursday morning, $44,610 had been raised from at least 90 donors, with the largest contribution from an anonymous donor putting up $10,000.


© 2019 KPIX, $45K Raised To Fight San Francisco Embarcadero Homeless Navigation Center, CBS SF Bay Area (28 March 2019)



Matthew Chapman wryly observed that:



[E]vidently, the irony of a campaign to kick poor people out of their neighborhood being titled “Safe Embarcadero for All” is lost on its supporters.


© 2019 Matthew Chapman, Wealthy San Francisco residents actually started a GoFundMe to kill a homeless shelter in their neighborhood, AlterNet (29 March 2019)



The moral? — Significant wealth in the United States is almost always self-righteously parasitic


In the above (very representative) example, we have comparatively wealthy people trying to propagandize other people. So as to fund wealth's resistance to attempts to diminish societal inequity. Apparently, the Rabble are a menace to humanity.


No "cheep-cheep" (either) from the leeches about the immoral characteristics of a system that actively pushes the astonishingly few — to the pinnacle of a human tower — comprised  of magnitudes of desperation.


American culture makes a state-sponsored religion of justifying this "moral" philosophy.