Russian press and politicians have character — unlike the United States' always lying propagandists

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27 January 2024



For example


Consider the following representative nugget from Radio Sputnik:



Head of EU diplomacy Josep Borrell, calling for the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine, resembles a Soviet cartoon character about a brave hare, said the head of the Crimean parliament Vladimir Konstantinov.


“Borrell began to remind me of a character from a famous Soviet cartoon about a brave hare. If he was such a hero, he would go into the trenches, put on a helmet and stand there for at least an hour. I think after that he would stop giving advice one more stupid than the other,” Konstantinov told RIA Novosti.


"Political parrots. At the same time, they are parrots who are sure that they live in a blooming garden. And they receive their food for their muttering, the meaning of which they themselves do not understand,” concluded Konstantinov.


© 2024 Radio Sputnik, Borrell resembles a character from a Soviet cartoon, they said in Crimea, (27 January 2024) (Google translation)



If one reads Russian media-reported statements from . . .


. . . Putin, Lavrov, Peskov, Medvedev and Zakharova — they are similar in their facts-bound directness and sometimes subtly delivered humor.


This culturally intelligent, reality-based openness — and its refusal to kowtow to self-righteous, warmongering twerps from abroad — think the United States' Biden, Blinken, Sullivan, Austin, Brown, Milley, Nuland and Kirby — is refreshing.



The moral? — The American public probably has more in common with Russians than we think


It is a pity that We the People are — characteristically and by propagandizing design — so very ignorant of history and current events, that we are unable to recognize the commonality.