Russian op-ed's accurate take on Germany's buffoon chancellor — Olaf Scholz

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18 April 2024



So accurately and undiplomatically worded . . .


. . . that it is funny.


From RT:



Sending Scholz, a man of little intelligence and meager talent, to China to negotiate with Comrade Xi on the Ukrainian issue was a deliberate failure.


For, heavy and rectangular as a brick, Scholz is not trained in those techniques of flexibility that are necessary in such delicate matters.


Moreover, the German chancellor, operating in his head with the same thoughts-bricks, finally buried his hopes of somehow dragging the Chinese to his side. And having given out an enchanting portion of lies, he exposed himself in the eyes of the receiving party not only as a liar, but also as an idiot.


A good example: Scholz claims that the Chinese leader supported peace negotiations in Switzerland without Russian participation.


But the Chinese side made it clear that it only favors a summit in which Russia would take part.


Moreover, in response to Scholz’s call not to help Russia, Xi Jinping strongly recommended that the West not “add fuel to the fire” and not give weapons to Ukraine.


But the not very smart Scholz decided to shame himself to the end and announced that he asked his Chinese colleagues to influence Moscow.


History is silent about what Xi responded to this. But since the Chinese leader is a very polite and well-mannered person, it was probably something very polite and vague.


[T]he German chancellor will continue to bluff, trying to put on a good face in a very bad game, the main loser of which, as you probably already guessed, will ultimately be Ukraine.


© 2024 Yulia Vityazeva, The failure of the “Chinese liaison”, RT in Russian (18 April 2024) (Google translation)



The moral? — When our purported Russian adversary sees us much more clearly than we see ourselves . . .


. . . a major strategic loss is in the offing.


US vassal-toady Olaf Scholz is just as inept as his US neocon masters.


Both are cruel embarrassments to what was once a legitimately respect-worthy Western civilization.


With leaders like these, humanity is doomed suffer vindictively acting Western ridiculousness.


We might reasonably hypothesize that societal evolution needs a ready supply of unnecessarily hostile dumbasses to fuel its fitness tests.


The result will be a parable-like account in which the West's brutishly avaricious stupidity suicides itself against the East's more skillfully played intelligence.