Republicans cannot even elect a Speaker of the House — How are they going to win the presidency — and then run the Executive Branch properly?

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21 October 2023



Regarding the self-involved grifters in Congress


With the stopgap Government funding agreement about to lapse — and Congress in grave need of Speaker of the House leadership — so as to remedy that problem — the United States again exposes its absurd levels of incompetent governance.



House majority Republicans — squabbling dopes?


In the face of a Democratic Party that is overrun with nationally self-destructive evils of all kinds, but united in expressing those with essentially one Satanic voice:



House Republicans squabble among themselves


pitting Establishment-bribed Republicans against supposed 'conservatives'


with an apparently interposed flock of jelly-wriggling uncommitteds


who further fracture the possibility of achieving unified party allegiance.



In a phrase


An ongoing national disaster in the Legislative Branch.



The moral? — Proving again . . .


. . . that the United States is in a toilet of its own (propagandistically nihilistic, obtusely belligerent, milling sheep) creation.


Why anyone outside the US would take us seriously is impossible to imagine.


That they do not, is increasingly apparent.


We have self-tumbled our foolishly belligerent selves from international respect.


Alas and alack.